Organization Profile 

The American Dairy Association Mideast (ADA Mideast) is the Ohio and West Virginia affiliate of the National Dairy Council and the United Dairy Industry Association, nonprofit trade organizations serving dairy farmers. Its staff of fourteen employees educates its stakeholders on government nutrition recommendations — particularly optimum dairy consumption. Those stakeholders include school nutrition directors, health professionals, educators, academia, industry, consumers, and the media. In addition to its educational objectives, the organization also serves as an advocate for the dairy farmers in its territory.
Business Objective

The ADA Mideast staff travels extensively and regularly throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and other U.S. locations. As a result, the organization needs a solution to reimburse employees for travel expenses. For five years, the organization used ExpensePoint®.  Then Vice President of Finance and Operations Dave Arter switched the organization to Concur® because the application operated in the cloud, managed employee receipts, synced with QuickBooks™ Enterprise, and paid employees through Concur’s direct deposit application.  

But Arter found “the solution was clunky. Concur’s system would take the money out of our company’s account, put it in an account that Concur managed, and then finally into our employees’ accounts. It was taking so long for our employees to get paid. By the time an expense report was approved, it could take seven or more days for the reimbursement to show up in an employee’s bank account.”
Why and Tallie?

ADA Mideast has been a customer since September 2012. “ is an awesome product. It is the best product out there, doing what it claims to do. We can approve bills on a laptop, phone, or tablet,” Arter asserts.

In 2012, Arter had a discussion with Tallie about the expense report capabilities that the application provider offered. He was interested in its cloud solution, but he needed a solution that paid employees directly, which Tallie did not offer — at the time.

When Tallie reconnected with Arter in the spring of 2013 to announce its partnership with, he was enthusiastic. He volunteered two employees and himself to participate in beta testing the integrated product.
Implementation Experience 

As a beta participant, Arter put the integrated product to real world use during several employee business trips and provided feedback to the Tallie and development teams. “I was very pleased with the responsiveness of Tallie and to my feedback — and to my team’s feedback. And in fact, I continue to provide feedback and suggestions for future product enhancements.”

After the commercial product was released, Arter made the decision the replace Concur at ADA Mideast. Migrating the employees to the solution was easy. Arter conducted an organization-wide training and follow-up sessions with employees who requested assistance.

“Our staff is accustomed to being paid with cloud-based technologies and using their cell phones for capturing receipts, so migrating them to the and Tallie solution was painless,” he reports.
Business Results

All of the staff at the ADA Mideast use the and Tallie integrated product. With the solution, employees upload receipts and submit expenses reports, and approvers approve them in Tallie. The information syncs with for payment to employees, after which the payments are synced with QuickBooks Enterprise.

With the and Tallie solution, the time between expense report approval and funds disbursement to employees is less than 30% of the duration with the Concur and QuickBooks solution. Employees can now expect to be paid about 2 days from approval.

Arter summarizes his experience, “I am very happy with the solution for payables and Tallie for expense reports. The integration is seamless, and falls in line with what and Tallie say they will do. People get paid quickly and are happy. Everything is in QuickBooks. All of it works for us.”

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