Practice Profile

Founded in 2009, Iconis Group helps clients connect to their vision by connecting them to their numbers via accounting and cloud-based technology.

Firm Objective

Iconis Group, an accounting and management consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, bases their business on connections. Connecting with clients, and helping clients understand their financial position is the cornerstone of the Iconis Group service, so finding an online bill payment solution that helps with this collaboration was important. Iconis Group relies on to keep the lines of communication and connection open, and provides the firm’s owner, Cathy Iconis, with the peace of mind that she’s providing top-notch, trusted service to her clients.

Tech-savvy Cathy Iconis has an audit background, so she understands the importance of keeping good records. She was already comfortable working in an online environment, and most of her clients are, too. Still, not all of them had embraced cloud-based accounting services. She converted all of her clients from Peachtree or from QuickBooks® Desktop to QuickBooks Online, explaining that it’s going to cost the client more if she has to physically travel to their office, or handle physical files.

Why Partner with

She added when she realized that the solution was going to give her immediate access to every step in the payables process, from invoice to disputes, for every transaction. “Before, if we had to ask a client for all the backup for a particular transaction, we’d just have to hope that it would all be there. Now, with, that trepidation is gone.  I know everything is there, and I can pull it really fast.  I don't have to go searching through file cabinets."

"With, we are able to speed up the bill payment process for our clients. We queue everything up, coding and reviewing all their bills first, so that they can easily pay bills electronically once a week.”

Results & Benefits

Thanks to, Iconis’ clients have far more visibility into their finances. She prefers to let the clients make spending decisions, and Bill. com allows them to do that while Iconis prepares the books, e-payments, and tracks the approvals. “My clients understand their cash flow better than I do.  I have a system set up so that the clients get an email on Fridays that tells them it’s time to go into the application and pay their bills. They don’t have to cut checks; we’re doing all the coding. All they had to do is make the decision. Of course, we’ll give them guidance if they have questions, but in the end, it’s their business, and their decision.”

Iconis, meanwhile, depends on to keep perfect records, to see every invoice, and to keep record of approvers. “It gets very collaborative,” she said. “My staff sets me up as an approver, then I can approve a payment so the client can pay it, or I can catch an error and fix it. This way, we have two sets of eyes to approve a transaction before it goes to the client. I can quickly search and find what we’ve already paid. It makes it a lot easier when vendors have disputes. stores the documentation, and we can see right away what’s been paid and when. We no longer run the risk of overpaying vendors.”

Now that kind of collaboration is easy, because makes it possible for either the Iconis Group or their clients to log in to the application at any time, from anywhere, see what’s going on financially, and work together. “There’s no need to go back and forth with the versions, which saves time and prevents errors, and meanwhile, syncs all the activity, so no matter when we log on, we’re all looking at the same thing. Collaborating with makes it easy for us to help our clients manage their cash.” Those kinds of connections build trust, and trust is what the Iconis Group is all about.

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