Mozilla is one of the biggest innovators on the Web. Born from game-changing Netscape, Mozilla creates some of the most open and collaborative software and applications available – notably the Firefox web browser.As they develop projects across the globe, information must flow quickly and digitally, which is why CFO Jim Cook was always on the lookout for a way to bring Mozilla’s financial operations online. In this age, Cook said “sending around paper to sign is ‘just crazy,’” so he’s continually researching new services to bring the 400 monthly invoices they manage online. He could not find a service that offered enough financial management, accountability, and usability – all without coming across like an old enterprise solution.

" changes the game from a paper-based, manual system, to the way that non-financial people expect systems to work - is a killer app for accounts payable."

Web searching led Cook to, where he and a few managers were immediately impressed and suggested the service across 50 line-of-business managers for the real test. Being open, collaborative and innovative, Mozilla has a highly hands on and analytical culture. They seek out bugs in every service, application and feature they offer, and especially the ones they use internally. To Cook’s surprise, rolled out across the Mozilla finance team quickly and painlessly. fit directly into the Mozilla way of life and existing financial systems. Every bill could be presented digitally to their global team, and maintained an audit trail to track all progress in real time. Even more,’s integrated access to original contracts helped Mozilla use the service as a central hub for managing bills.

The greatest benefits experienced by Mozilla are increased control and efficiency, which is critical with their open source digital culture. “ changes the game from a paper-based, manual system, to the way that non-financial people expect systems to work,” said Cook. Mozilla has removed paper-based inefficiencies, empowered its mobile and remote workers, and granted new levels of control to bills and all related documents in the process. Combined with ease of use, Cook confidently says “ is a killer app for accounts payable."

With their constant innovation, Mozilla is also working with to expand international capabilities like currency translation and other multinational issues.

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