The unique challenges faced by small and medium business owners present a lot of opportunities for banks to dramatically strengthen their relationship with this segment. One of the most difficult parts of helping businesses is to really understand their needs and processes. 

In our latest business customer case study on The Secret Chocolatier, Andy Ciordia, one of the owners, speaks for many other companies when he says, “The business of doing business is not the business you want to be doing.”

Take a look at our SMB case study and find out:

  • What is important to this digital-forward SMB when managing their financial back office and how they are optimizing their processes.
  • The biggest resource struggles and needs when running a family business.
  • How the business views the tools and services they are offered through the bank.® Connect is a powerful, business payments platform that places your bank at the center of your small and medium business customers’ payables and receivables processes. Visit to learn more