Atlanta Humane Society Doubles Animal Adoption as Comes to the Rescue

Nonprofit Channels New-Found Efficiency into Programs Aimed at Attracting Awareness

With “Puppy Pop Ups” and “Bow Wow” brunches, the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) knows how to draw a crowd. But like most nonprofits, resources at the AHS were tight and the team was looking for a way to do more with less. The sea change came from an unexpected area – the finance team. And the results were staggering. In just four years, the AHS doubled the number of adopted animals to over 10,000.

Founded in 1873, the AHS is the second oldest nonprofit in Atlanta. Fast forward almost 150 years and the nonprofit is still providing quality animal services including preventative and educational initiatives, advocacy and adoption of animals. The AHS has over 100 employees at three branches in the metro Atlanta area.

As a result of such growth, the accounts payable process was taking a lot longer than it should - three days each month, with one of the days so rigorous it required two employees. The AHS was processing over 500 invoices each month, for food, hygiene and medical supplies for the animals under its care, animal care bills, and invoices for the operational requirements of its facilities. The labor-intensive accounts payable process involved compilation of the documents required for each purchase requisition, approval of invoices, processing of checks, matching checks to invoices, mailing checks and filing invoices.

Seamless Implementation and Intuitive Sync Reduce Bookkeeping Hours

Just over two years ago, the team realized it was time to implement a new accounting system and were referred to partner, Sage Intacct. Controller Diana Westrop was excited to learn about how integrates simply and intuitively with the accounting software. The implementation was straight forward, and AHS now uses and Sage Intacct in all areas of the accounts payable process. Each day, as Diana prepares to execute the bookkeeping functions, she simply logs in to and accesses all of the information she needs which has synced from the accounting software.

“Discovering has made a huge difference to the operations of the Atlanta Humane Society. We have automated all of our bookkeeping tasks, freeing up precious time to focus on more important initiatives such as doubling the number of animals adopted and offering expanded services to the community,” says Westrop. In addition to better programs and providing free vaccines for pets in low income communities, the AHS has expanded their offerings to provide free pet food to owners. “Instead of having to surrender their animals, we offer families free pet vaccinations, food and supplies, so they keep their beloved pets in a safe environment. It’s a win-win!”

While Streamlined Processes Cut AP Time, Controls Increase Accountability

Prior to implementing, the AHS team spent almost a week each month processing paper, matching each of the invoices to a single check. Now the process takes just one hour in addition to dramatically reducing the time the CFO spends in the approval and signing of checks. The console controls also enable the AHS to segregate responsibilities and duties, which helps with internal operations and audits, critical for a nonprofit.

“ has restored my faith in technology! We have been able to refocus our resources on managing growth and on developing ideas on how to be even more efficient. We didn’t have time for this before. Thanks to the streamlined processes, our human talent is working on creative and impactful projects, rather than managerial processes,” said Westrop. “ has made such a difference to the AHS - I am a huge advocate and encourage other nonprofits to take advantage too.”