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GunnChamberlain Uses to Win and Retain Clients

In this interview with, Shelly Lingor, director of technology and accounting for GCT Technology & Accounting, a division of GunnChamberlain, explains their business models and how they help the firm retain and gain clients.
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Tell us about your firm. What makes you unique?

GCT Technology & Accounting, a division of GunnChamberlain, creates a complete cloud based accounting solution customized to fit any business type.

How does your firm use

We use for two models. One is self-service, where we consult with clients and show them how to use The other is full-service, where GCT takes over back-office accounting and processes. Startups and growing companies don’t always want to handle AP and AR and it appeals to them that we can. gives us more visibility into our clients’ work and 100% transparency. Clients can see what we do and vice versa.

How does support security?

Quite a few clients have had external theft issues such as stolen checks or credit card fraud prior to GCT. gives them peace of mind. The firm doesn’t access bank accounts but can still make payments on behalf of its clients. Payments go through the network, not exposing clients’ banking account and routing numbers. There’s a full, automatic audit trail. This security is huge.

How has helped your firm? helps us gain and retain clients. The more services you offer, the more you can adapt and grow with your clients and their businesses. helps us create a proactive approach to clients’ books. We can turn around financials, do cash projections and even taxes faster, which makes for happy clients.

What tips would you give other accountants?

You can’t use half a system. Make sure you understand its functionality and capabilities. The chat option is a great way to get quick answers. Build relationships with other accounting firms that use Sharing experiences and troubleshooting challenges is a big asset.

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