improves efficiency, streamlines audits, ensures all bills are paid on time and seamlessly integrates with Intacct

Khan Academy provides students with the resources necessary to excel in their studies through a variety of exercises, articles and videos to study topics in math, science, history and more. Until, Khan Academy was relying on a manual AP process - scanning invoices, following up individually via email, etc. With, they are now able to streamline their payment requests and cut the processing time in half. The company utilizes both integrations with QuickBooks Online as well as Intacct cloud-based accounting software.

Full Q&A

Can you tell me a little bit about Khan Academy?

“Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Students can access thousands of exercises, articles, and videos on our website and mobile app to learn and study topics in math, science, history, and more,” explained Angela Tam, senior accountant at Khan Academy.

How did you manage accounts payable before

“We were relying on a lot of manual, time-consuming AP processes—scanning paper invoices, following up on approvals by email, and maintaining information in spreadsheets. And since we didn’t receive any warnings on missing approvals, we had to spend a lot of time tracking down signatures to avoid payment processing delays.”

What AP processes have been streamlined with your move to

“We use to process all of the payment requests we receive from vendors. It’s very easy to enter invoice info, select approvers, and set precisely when a bill gets paid. We don’t have to circulate dozens of paper folders with sticky notes explaining what we need anymore. As a result, we’ve been able to cut our AP processing time in half. We also use’s digital document storage. All of our AP paperwork—invoices and comments—is digitized and organized in one place. It saves us a lot of time.”

What accounting software are you using with

“We started using with QuickBooks Online and then moved to Intacct cloud-based accounting software. Both solutions work very well, since they are tightly integrated with”

Would you recommend the solution to other companies?

“Yes, I’m a huge fan of I don’t miss having to chase down approvers to ensure that our bills get paid in time. makes AP simple. Now our accounting team can finish routine duties faster and they have more time to focus on more strategic financial projects. Thanks!”