A Payment Expert Counts on Bill.com to Handle Its Own Payments

Merchant e-Solutions brings order to chaos with Bill.com

About Merchant e-Solutions

Merchant e-Solutions makes it easy for businesses everywhere to handle payments from customers. Its online platform enables them to quickly and efficiently accept debit and credit card payments in person, online and via mobile devices.

Unpaid Invoices, Angry Vendors

Until it implemented Bill.com, Merchant e-Solutions was struggling to handle its own payments. “In 2016, we moved from California to Atlanta and, when we did, we reevaluated all our systems,” says Lori Brown, SVP and corporate controller at Merchant e-Solutions. "We found we didn’t really have a good process for paying our vendors."

The company gets over 400 invoices a month and it had no real structure to manage them. Some went to accounts payable, others to executives. There was no system to track them and no established approval process. When an invoice did go to AP, a clerk would send an email to the appropriate person to request approval—but there was no system to follow up those requests and sometimes approval never came.

Invoices went unpaid and vendors got angry. “There were times we had services cut off because we had no idea we were behind on paying a particular invoice,” Brown says. "Things were getting chaotic."

A Better Way to Pay

Bill.com brought order to the confusion. Since it implemented Bill.com, Merchant e-Solutions handles all its payments rapidly and seamlessly. It processes and pays its invoices with efficiency, and saves itself time, trouble and money.

Calming the Chaos

Bill.com calmed the chaos at Merchant e-Solutions in a matter of hours—two hours, to be exact. That’s all it took for the company to implement Bill.com and deploy it across the organization. Bill.com connected instantly and easily with Merchant e-Solutions’ existing accounting software, NetSuite—and absolutely no IT experts were required.

“I used to work at a very large organization and we had to get IT involved every time we needed something,” Brown says. “I was blown away when I started using Bill.com. It’s so simple and intuitive. You don’t need to be tech-savvy at all to understand the navigation.”

Brown can access the system anytime to view P&L statements and monitor expenses. Because Bill.com constantly feeds data to the general ledger, every executive who has a view of monthly reporting can track expenses and ensure that they agree with budget and forecast.

“This really helps us run efficiently,” Brown says.

Intelligent and Automated Accounting

Bill.com’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) handles many of the manual tasks once assigned to human assistants. Vendors send their invoices directly to the email address of the Merchant e-Solutions AP department, where IVA automatically processes and codes the invoices in the system with vendor name, invoice number, amount and due date.

After the invoice is input, it’s fed into a workflow hierarchy for the three approvals that Merchant e-Solutions requires before a payment is made. Invoices are always routed to the right place for the necessary approvals, which saves time and increases efficiency.

“Bill.com also has a beautiful dashboard that allows me to instantly see the status of each invoice,” Brown says. “I can see whose queue an invoice is sitting in and who is holding up approval. I can ping anyone at anytime to make sure the payment process stays on track. I look at that dashboard every day.”

Enhanced Cost Savings

Bill.com has brought significant savings to Merchant e-Solutions. In a company of 270 people, not having to hire extra people just to keep track of bills and payments results in significant savings. With Bill.com’s automated scheduling and approval features, Merchant e-Solutions now runs with just one part-time assistant to keep track of bills and payments. “We are saving at least one or two full time salaries every year,” Brown says.

Employees are also much happier. “We used to have an employee who would take all our checks home every night, stuff them in envelopes and put them in the mail, because we didn’t have time to do it during the day,” Brown says. “When we implemented Bill.com, everyone was immediately happier.”

Bill.com has even improved international relations. Merchant e-Solutions has several vendors located in Canada and it once had to cut manual checks for them. Now, because Bill.com is set up to handle international transactions, Merchant e-Solutions can pay those vendors online, quickly and efficiently.

Approval Anytime, Anywhere

The Bill.com mobile app enables Merchant e-Solutions executives to approve invoices even when they’re travelling, which they often are. This means Brown and her staff don’t have to wait breathlessly for an executive to check in with an approval when a payment deadline is imminent—or to frantically search for an alternative approval if an executive does not check in.

“Bill.com has made our payment process pain free,” Brown says. “We now pay our bills in a timely manner and that’s improved our cash flow and enhanced our reputation with our vendors. At this point, I don’t know what I’d do without it.”