eBook: Connecting for Success

Strengthening business relationships through fintech partnerships.

Today’s customers demand more than ever before. Small-to-mid-sized businesses expect a digital experience that reflects that of their consumer lives. No longer are clients only comparing banks to one another; they are assessing them against retail behemoths that cater to a simple, frictionless process. In effect, a bank’s digital offerings are evaluated against customers’ daily interactions, where they ask themselves, “If Amazon can do it, why can’t my bank?”

This tension has led to a new paradigm of coopetition between financial institutions and fintech providers. Bank/fintech partnerships create a symbiotic experience where the strengths of one organization augment those of the other, ultimately delivering an enhanced banking experience for the business end-user.

Get a 360 degree view of fintech-bank partnerships with research from Aite Group; insights from JPMorgan Chase, a leader in delivering financial technology innovation; and a business owner, representing the ultimate beneficiary and arbiter of success.  

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