™ Boosts the Power of QuickBooks® Online

Intuit® QuickBooks® Online (QBO) is a popular tool for managing small and midsize businesses. Like many accounting systems, QBO records and tracks payments, but does not physically “move money” from one bank account to another. After all, money movement is a highly regulated business activity ― one that falls outside the core capabilities of accounting software. As a result, the applications stop short of completing payments.

So just like users of other accounting systems, QBO users must print and mail checks themselves, send electronic payment (ACH) files to their banks, or use some other service outside of QBO to initiate and complete the payments. These services often involve manual work, double data entry, or management of multiple applications and data sets. Still other methods are not designed for businesses: they limit payment amounts or require personal guarantees. The QuickBooks Bill Pay Service provides check printing and ACH processing services. But to get paid, vendors must manually log into a website to accept ACH payments — a requirement that midsize and large vendors would likely reject.™ fills this critical gap by integrating seamlessly with QBO and offering a full-service payment solution. Users can pay anyone, anytime with paper checks or ACH. We print and mail checks, eliminate payment fraud, and offer other payment capabilities designed for businesses. In addition, we automate payment approval workflows and provide a complete payment audit trail. This document discusses the key benefits of for QBO users and its advantages over other payment solutions. 

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