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Four reasons customers trust over Tipalti

Complete accounts payable

From real-time reports on AP aging to unrealized gain or loss on international payments, you can quickly create them from your account.

Easy to implement and use

Get up and running in days, not weeks, and connect to and pay vendors large or small in just a few clicks. With, you don’t need to worry about creating, tracking and pre-funding new virtual accounts with a third party. You can connect to each of your bank accounts directly to pay bills.

Secure & compliant for growing businesses

Annual SOC I and SOC 2 Type II compliance audits, HIPAA protections for AP processes, support for single sign-on (SSO), and NACHA Third Party Sender certification protect your business. Money transmitter licenses in all 50 states and an in-house payment team allow for faster resolution should you have an issue.

Extensive vendor network at your fingertips lets you connect with and make electronic payments to any of the 2.5 million members in our network. You can find and pay vendors in just a couple clicks and will auto-connect you with vendors in the network to save you time.

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