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Now we can scale the company without additional headcount. allows us to be as efficient as possible.

Image of Mark Lindsay

Mark Lindsay


Lindsay Leasing is a great service that has allowed me to reduce my payable processing costs by at least 75%.

Image of Lee Jestings

Lee Jestings


Fastlane Chevron

With we've gained so much time; it has taken the tedious work out of the bill payment and invoicing process!

Image of Heather Richter

Heather Richter

Senior Accountant

Wegner LLP

We aren't losing time tracking down paper and are saving at least 50% over the old method of paying bills.

Image of Peter Biro

Peter Biro

CFO and Co-Founder

Mass Burgers

We had a problem with fraud before. With, we don't have to worry about that ever happening again.

Image of Aziz Hashim

Aziz Hashim

Founder and CEO

NRD Holdings

Accounts Payable

  • Automates bill approval and payment
  • No more paper bills, checks or contracts
  • Approve and pay bills securely online from anywhere
  • Protect against fraud and guard against errors

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Accounts Receivable

  • Automates invoicing and collection
  • You click, we invoice – by US mail or email
  • Approve and pay bills securely online from anywhere
  • Auto-reminders when payments are due or late

Get Paid

Cash Flow Management

  • Control cash flow from your mobile device
  • Automates cash flow projection and control
  • Accurately forecasts cash flow 3 months out
  • Protect against fraud and guard against errors
  • Reveals potential problems well in advance

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