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Speed up payments

One-stop-shop for payments

Choose payment method, pay bills, track payment info—all on one platform.

Save time

Sync with your accounting software to reduce manual data entry and accelerate reconciliation.

Faster payments

Better control cash flow with options for same-day and next-day payments.

Payments on the go

Manage payables from anywhere with secure cloud-based payments and mobile access.

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All the payment methods you need, when you need them

Payments under control

Protect your payments

Your payments are safe, thanks to advanced security tools and compliance protections.

Reduce risk

Secure digital payments eliminate the risk of check fraud and paper check theft.

Track payments

See updates at every step of the payables process, with an audit trail for each payment.

Better manage approvals

Customize workflows to streamline approvals and get payments approved 2-3x faster.

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4M+ businesses trust us with their payments

Frequently asked questions

What is the BILL network?
The BILL network provides a secure platform for you to pay your vendors digitally. No struggling with signing checks or trying to input sensitive bank information. Simply connect with your vendors to send fast and secure ACH or virtual card payments. They will receive increased control and visibility, and you’ll save valuable time. Get started with a risk-free trial to see if your vendor is one of the 3.2+ million vendors in our network.
How can I pay vendors through the BILL network?
You can leverage our BILL network to make payments in 3 easy steps:
  1. Search your vendor by name and zip code to find them in our network. You can also ask your vendor for their unique BILL payment network ID number.
  2. Connect with your vendor or send an invite from your dashboard.
  3. Send a payment via ACH, virtual card, check, or international wire.
What is BILL virtual card?
BILL virtual card service is the free, easy, and fast way to make payments with confidence using your BILL account. Your vendors receive a single use, 16-digit virtual card number that they can process just like a credit card. Rest easy knowing a dedicated team of BILL payment specialists oversees transactions to make sure your vendors are paid on time.
What is Pay By Card?
With BILL Pay By Card, you can make a vendor or contractor payment within BILL using a credit or debit card, even if the vendor doesn’t accept card payments. Your vendor will receive payment via ACH ePayment or check. Pay By Card supports Amex, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and debit cards. With Pay By Card, you can earn card rewards and better manage your cash flow.
How do international payments work with BILL?
Pay quickly and cost-effectively with wire transfers to over 130 countries. With BILL international payments, you can make electronic payments to your vendors outside the U.S. for business purposes. Benefits include simple approval workflows, accounting software and app integration, payment tracking, and competitive rates.
Can I still pay by check if I use BILL?
Yes, BILL gives you the option to pay your U.S. vendors by paper checks through a check printing partner that prints and delivers paper checks. When you request to pay a bill/vendor by check, BILL will send a check to your vendor on your behalf with remittance information including the vendor account number, invoice number, etc. Your bank account information is not shared.
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