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Credit that scales with your business

Get a credit line that scales with your business. In the future, you can apply for credit line increases from right within your dashboard.

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We love learning about what makes each company unique and offer multiple ways of underwriting to provide you with access to a credit line that fits your business.

Cards for
every employee

You can empower each and every employee with their own BILL Divvy Corporate Card. Every card is linked to proactive spend controls where you call the shots.

Seamless software integration

With seamless desktop software and a 4.7 star-rated app (11/12/2021), our integrations don’t require you, or your employees, to change how you do business.

The BILL Divvy Corporate Card
vs. other corporate cards

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No annual fees

Flexible rewards†

Seamless, automatic expense management with BILL Spend & Expense software

Access to virtual cards for greater control of your online purchases and subscriptions

Each employee gets a card that can be controlled by your admin

Set budgets to control spend

Other corporate cards

Annual & monthly fees

Set rewards

Used in combination with other software like Expensify, Concur, Excel, paper expense management, etc.

Some allow for virtual cards

Limited number of cards per organization

No spending locks or tracking

†Terms Apply. For more information on redemption choices, check out our rewards page →

Applying for business credit is simple

Apply online in minutes with no impact to your credit

Upon approval, activate your card and create virtual cards

Start saving time and earning rewards with every transaction

“A free card service that also gives us rewards—you can’t beat that. Plus, with [BILL], we can track our company’s credit card spend in one place.”

Steve Plowman
Controller at Artemis Health
Read the Artemis Health case study
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Quick and easy contactless payments

From tap-to-pay with Visa to Apple and Google Pay, we’ve got you covered. Seamlessly and securely make touch-free payments however suits you and your business best.

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Advanced fraud protection

BILL Spend & Expense uses an advanced third-party platform that monitors all transactions in real-time and helps prevent complex fraud incidents with speed and accuracy to protect your business.

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Earn more rewards
with BILL

Control your rewards earnings based on your payoff
schedule. The more often you make payments, the more
rewards you can earn.
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More on getting business credit through BILL Spend & Expense

How does BILL help build your business credit score?
As part of our mission to make money smarter, BILL reports customer credit performance to the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE®). That means you can use the BILL Divvy Corporate Card to build credit history and credit score for your business simply by paying on time.
Why does my business need a business charge card?
When it comes to streamlining business expenses, a company credit card can save you time and money. Separating business spending from personal spending makes it easier to reconcile accounts at the end of the month and get taxes right at year-end. If you have a growing team, consider using a platform like BILL Spend & Expense to provide access to individual cards to every employee, thereby eliminating manual expense reports and cumbersome reimbursement processes.
What is the difference between business credit cards and personal credit cards?
While personal credit cards can be used by businesses, it’s incredibly helpful to separate spending by opening a new credit line for company accounts. Corporate cards are specifically designed for business use, with tailored rewards and industry bonuses—however, they may also have higher fees. While it’s helpful to have an EIN number to apply for a business credit card, it may not be necessary.
Can I qualify for a business credit card with bad credit?
Yes, you can qualify for a business credit card when you have bad credit. Each card provider will have different credit score standards for their applications, but that shouldn’t stop you from applying. Some card companies may be lenient with poor credit if you’re willing to submit payments more frequently or accept a smaller credit line to start. You may also qualify for secured credit lines, those that require a security deposit when you open an account.
What are the benefits of having a business credit card?
Aside from the obvious record-keeping benefits of separating corporate and personal spending, having a business charge card has many rewards. Creating a credit line for business purchases can help build your company credit score, and some business charge cards also come with attractive perks and rewards like cash back or travel benefits.
What’s the benefit of having a credit card that ties to your expense management software?
Old-school expense management processes involved a lot of data entry and paper trails. By using software that ties directly to your business credit card, you can eliminate these cumbersome processes, saving you time and money. BILL Spend & Expense gives you access to fast and flexible credit through the BILL Divvy Corporate Card—plus free software to help you streamline expense reporting and reduce manual processes.
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¹Credit lines and the advertised range are not guaranteed and will be determined upon application approval.

²The BILL Divvy Corporate Card is issued by Cross River Bank, member FDIC