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Artemis Health gets free card service with a healthy dose of rewards

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Artemis Health gets free card service with a healthy dose of rewards

“A free card service that also gives us rewards—you can’t beat that.”

As a software company in the healthcare industry, Artemis Health is all about helping companies get the most out of their spend. Steve explains that “BILL Spend & Expense does that for us, by providing valuable rewards and enforceable budgets.”

One of the features Steve loves best is the ability to set up coding for recurring expenses only once. With BILL virtual cards, you can input the necessary information at the start, and then every following transaction will be coded accordingly; this is great for monthly subscriptions like recurring software charges.

The ease of use is also a major selling point:

“What we love most about BILL Spend & Expense is how easy the product is to use. It has streamlined our credit card process and helped us close our books quicker by staying on top of transactions during the month. Plus, with BILL Spend & Expense, we can track our company’s credit card spend in one place—for free.”

Steve also points out that the budgeting software BILL Spend & Expense provides is a major differentiator between other card companies he’s worked with. The cards, rewards, and software are all completely free to use.

The finance team at Artemis is made up of a controller (Steve) and a part-time accountant. As a “small shop,” Steve acknowledges that the time savings BILL Spend & Expense provides will grow as they grow. Currently, Steve is saving two hours a month in processes because of BILL Spend & Expense’s streamlined platform.

“We close our books fast, and BILL Spend & Expense helps facilitate the speed and efficiency we need.”

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BILL Spend & Expense

Before BILL Spend & Expense:
  • Manually coding every expense
  • Traditional bank cards with a poor user interface
  • Only 0.5% rewards
  • Wasted hours tracking down receipts
After BILL Spend & Expense:
  • Automatic coding for recurring expenses on virtual cards
  • Easy-to-use budgeting software with enforceable limits
  • Up to 7x rewards
  • Close books even faster

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