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Gain time and confidence with AI-enabled business payments

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), BILL automates data entry to reduce human error and accelerate your AP workflows.
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Simplify AP, from invoice to payments

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Upload & extract

Upload an invoice and our AI begins reading the data and entering it in seconds, filling in vendor details and more.
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No guessing

You can be confident that extracted info is correct because our AI leaves fields blank if data isn’t recognized.
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Separate multipage documents

No more manually separating and coding invoices! Multiple invoices automatically separate into individual bills.
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Detect duplicates

The proactive intelligence of our AI identifies duplicate invoices to save you from creating duplicate bills.
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Review & edit

Compare invoice and extracted data side-by-side to confirm accuracy and make any necessary changes.
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You’re always in control

Once you've confirmed all info is complete, you can save bills with just one click to proceed to payment.

Power your payments process with BILL. Power your business.

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Cut bill pay time in half

With AI invoice data extraction, BILL customers have less manual work and report saving 50% time on bill pay.

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Accuracy you can trust

Goodbye, human error! Say hello to AI that’s been trained on millions of invoices, ensuring high accuracy of invoice data from day one.

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Save money

Avoid costly mistakes like draining cash on double payments with duplicate invoice detection and automated warning.

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Our customers love what AI does for their business

“BILL AI auto-reads, extracts data, and enters it all automatically. It’s a huge time saver and maintains data accuracy.”- Manoj Bhutani, Director of Business Development, Furey
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Frequently asked questions

How does BILL AI work?
BILL AI uses advanced technologies like machine learning to extract invoice and vendor information from documents in your Inbox to help you create vendors and bills faster.
Which parts of the accounts payable process are automated by BILL AI?
Our AI helps you automate the bill-creation process by pre-populating critical fields within an invoice , such as vendor, due date, amount, and invoice number. BILL AI will also detect duplicates and multiple bills within multi-page invoices. By automating this process, you can save 50% on the bill-pay process.
How will BILL AI help improve my payables process?
By automatically extracting information from your documents, our AI helps you to reduce manual entry, potential manual errors, and costly bill duplication. BILL customers report saving, on average, 50% of time on bill pay thanks to our artificial intelligence simplifying the payments process.
What kind of data is extracted from uploaded invoices?
The information that our AI extracts includes: vendor name, vendor email address, vendor full address, invoice number, invoice date, due date, amount, payment terms, PO number, IBAN number, and SWIFT code (to set up international payments).
What happens with duplicate invoices?
If a duplicate invoice is detected in your BILL inbox, you’ll get a warning that will stop you from creating a duplicate bill. Proactive intelligence keeps you from making costly mistakes like draining your cash on double payments.
What happens with invoice data that's unreadable?
Our AI never guesses. If your invoice details aren’t readable they won’t be extracted. This means you can easily find any gaps and fill them in.
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Leave the busywork to BILL

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