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Create professional invoices

  • Choose a template that best suits your brand and service.
  • Customize your invoice fields, then reuse the template.
  • Easily keep track of your invoices with automatic unique numbering.

Send with flexibility

  • Send your invoices by email, or have us send them by US mail.
  • Schedule the date to send your invoices, or send on the spot.
  • Set up timely, recurring invoices for your regular customers.

Simplify tracking and follow-up

  • Track the status of your invoice, so you know exactly when it's sent.
  • Filter your invoices by status for quick information on receivables.
  • Easily nudge customers. Set up automated reminders.

Get paid 2x faster

  • Receive payments right in your bank account by ACH or credit card.
  • Enter amount for invoices paid outside Balance auto-updates.
  • Put account receivables on autopilot with auto-charge and auto-pay.

Stay in sync

  • Sync customers, invoices, accounts, classes and more - two ways.
  • Receive payments in Sync for easy and accurate reconciliation.
  • Set it and forget it - or run sync manually. The control is up to you.
Learn how works with the rest of your finance tools.

Boost efficiency with AR & AP on one platform

Complete information

Get the complete picture of money coming in and out of your business to make more informed decisions, faster.

Simplify your tech stack

Work in one system that easily syncs both ways with your accounting software. There's no need for separate software solutions for each side of your cash flows.

Compounded benefits

Reap the benefits from both sides of the platform. Get paid two times faster, and save up to 50% of time spent on accounts payable.

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Built to integrate and share data with your finance tech stack connects with leading accounting software and other financial process tools, helping you to reduce manual entry, speed up account reconciliation, and simplify every step of your workflow.

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