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Connect with over 5 million vendors for fast and easy payments

The BILL network provides a secure platform for you to pay your vendors digitally. No struggling with signing checks or trying to input sensitive bank information. Simply connect with your vendors and send fast and secure ACH or virtual card payments. They will receive increased control and visibility, and you’ll save valuable time. See if your vendor is in our network today.
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Benefits for you and your vendors

Connect the easy way

Find your vendors in the network. Approve and pay an invoice. They choose their preferred payment format, and we send the payment for you.

Save valuable time

Network vendors maintain their own contact and payment information. The more you pay over the network, the easier your payables are to manage.

Build vendor trust

Network vendors get automatic status updates. They have more visibility into their own cash flow, and you spend less time answering questions.

Pay more securely

Paying vendors over the network protects you from business email compromise, the leading cause of payments fraud.

Your vendors are waiting for you

Over 5 million members pay and get paid through the BILL network.
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"Over 60% of our landlord partners are now enrolled in our electronic rent payment system using the BILL network. From retired Mom & Pop property owners in their 80s to the largest landlords like Related with over $60B in assets. We even pay our health insurance and benefits premium payments to MetLife and CA Choice through BILL."
Brian Basinger
Executive Director, Q Foundation
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“We've gotten probably 99.9% of our vendors on BILL. They love it because they're able to see that their invoice got approved and paid and it's on its way. BILL makes the vendor feel good that something is actually happening with their invoice, rather than wondering.”

Nick Mehta
Controller at Ambient Photonics

3 easy steps to pay your vendors

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Find your vendor in the network by name or zip code

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Connect with your vendor or send an invite from your dashboard

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Send a payment via ACH or virtual card

Frequently asked questions

How can I invite a vendor to the network?
To invite a vendor who isn't in the network, add their email address to their vendor details. Then, under How do you want to pay your vendor?, select ePayments - I want to invite my vendor to manage their own free BILL account. View the invitation, edit it if you like, and send it on its way.

Learn more here: Connect to a vendor and set up ePayments.
What information do I need to find a business on the network?
To find a business on the network, start by entering their name. If you get too many results, add their zip code too, like this: Acme Products 94132. You can also ask your vendor for their unique BILL payment network ID number, making it easy to find them and connect.
Does everyone have access to the network?
If you have a subscription-free basic account, you won't be able to search the network. To connect with other businesses, you can upgrade your account, or send them your payment network ID number and ask them to connect to you.
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