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Why use BILL for international payments?

Gain efficiency and accuracy with a streamlined process that delivers more transparency and control.
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Streamline your workflow

One simple process for both domestic payments and international payments to over 130 countries.

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Keep everything in sync

Avoid struggling with double data entry. BILL automatically syncs your USD and local currency bills with Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Save more money

Pay your international vendors more cost-effectively. Explore currency exchange rates.

With over 130 countries, we've got you covered

BILL supports payments in a growing list of countries and currencies. See the full list here.
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Save money when you pay vendors in local currencies

$0 wire transfer fee* and competitive exchange rate for payments in most local currencies. International wire fees may be found on the pricing page.

*Based on average published fee for outgoing international wires in local currencies, charged by the top 10 US banks according to the FDIC. This fee excludes currency conversion rates.
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Let us do the math for you

Pay less: Vendors don't need to "pad" bills to offset exchange rates.

Save more: Avoid intermediary bank fees by paying in local currencies.

Pay vendors faster: Don't keep vendors waiting for conversion—pay in their currency.

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1 USD = 0.886EUR
1 EUR = 1.129 USD *

* This exchange rate may vary due to daily fluctuations.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to transfer money internationally?
Your first choice for international money transfers shouldn't be your bank. You'll likely save money and time by using another digital payments provider.

BILL is the intelligent business payments platform that gives you full control over an automated, end-to-end process. With our International Payments solution, you can make electronic payments to your vendors outside the U.S. for business purposes. Benefits include approval workflows, accounting software and apps integration, payment tracking, and competitive rates.
What is the cost for sending international payments?
For international wires in local currencies, BILL offers competitive exchange rates and no wire transfer or intermediary bank fees.

To avoid high bank fees and lifting fees from intermediary banks, use BILL to deliver the payment in your vendor’s local currency. For international wires in local currency, there are no intermediary bank charges, so your vendor receives the full payment amount.

If your vendor prefers to receive the payment in USD, please refer to our pricing page for details. However, like any other USD wire, intermediary banks may charge your vendor additional fees. BILL does not have control over intermediary bank fees when you send payments in USD.

BILL also allows international card payments with Visa, Mastercard and Discover, which have a 2.9% transaction fee and are subject to the exchange rates and other fees detailed above.
How long do international payments take?
Most payments arrive within 1-3 business days. The time varies depending on the recipient country, currency, and the time it takes to receive funds from your bank account. The estimated delivery date will be provided when you schedule the payment. Typical schedules are provided here.

For tips on how to avoid payment delays, click here.

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