The BILL Spend & Expense App

BILL enables your team with the tools they need to Spend Smarter™ on the go. Manage budgets, expenses, and more from the palm of your hand—all for free. Download from your favorite app store, or request a demo to see the full platform in action.

Manage the full lifecycle of spend in a single app


Activate physical cards and create and manage virtual cards.


Manage assigned budgets and request additional funds.


Spend on your single physical card from any assigned budget.


Track and manage expenses with line-by-line transactions.


Categorize transactions, log receipts, and add notes.
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Cards for all employees

No more card sharing. BILL provides cards for all of your employees to use with assigned budgets.

Activate physical cards

All users can activate their BILL Divvy Corporate Card directly within the application and start spending immediately.

As many virtual cards as you need

Avoid overspend and fraudulent transactions by managing vendors, subscriptions, and even one-time purchases by creating and setting spend limits on virtual cards. Create, manage, and spend with virtual cards all within the app.

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Advanced fraud protection

BILL Spend & Expense uses an advanced third-party platform that monitors transactions in real-time and helps prevent complex fraud incidents with speed and accuracy.

Control spending before it happens

BILL Spend & Expense budgets provide admins with a powerful tool to control spending across the organization—transactions over these limits are automatically declined.

Send and request funds

Users can request additional funds for any budget at the click of a button. Admins can approve or deny requests directly from the notification—without ever opening the app.

Real-time spend

See transactions as they come through and watch the additional spend immediately reflected in available budget.

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Use a single card for all budgets

With BILL Spend & Expense, your team can stop juggling multiple cards. All employees can use their single BILL Divvy Corporate Card to spend from any budget.

Get rewards on eligible card spend

Whether you are using your physical or virtual cards, BILL customers get rewards on all of their eligible spend.

Spend on Google or Apple Pay

Enjoy the convenience of Google or Apply pay with your BILL Divvy Corporate Card. Both physical and virtual cards can be added into your digital wallet to be used from your phone or smartwatch.

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Streamline month end processes

Every time a user spends on their BILL Divvy Corporate Card, they are just a few taps away from that expense being categorized and ready to upload into your accounting software—it’s that easy.

Real-time visibility

BILL Spend & Expense shows all spend in one place. See transactions as they come through in real time across all budgets and teams.

Simplified reimbursements

BILL Spend & Expense allows you to track reimbursements right alongside card spend. Save time for you and your team with mobile receipt uploads and ACH reimbursements.

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Dashboard mockup


Auto-matching receipts

Don’t worry about tracking down your receipts. Just email them to BILL and we will automatically match them to your transaction.

Instant transaction categorization

Every time employees spend, they can categorize the transaction in just a few taps—without ever opening the app.

Transaction review

Review transactions, approve or deny them, and mark them as ready to export into your accounting software.

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Don't just take it from us

"It only keeps getting better. As a [BILL] user for nearly two years, the updates and new features keep coming. Most everything that I would do in a browser is now possible on the mobile app saving time and allowing me to administer budget updates on the go."
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"#1 most useful thing for my small business. I run a contracting business and I don't think I would have survived 2020 without [BILL]. I pay all my bills with it and use it to help with working expenses and then pay it off every month. It's super simple."
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"First of all, [BILL] is hands down the best financial management and business credit card I have ever seen. The benefits this card and institution offer goes above and beyond the average needs of a business."
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"I love using [BILL]. I've used about every other option in the past and [BILL] is light years ahead. Super easy, user friendly, it's been a game changer."
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