Out-of-pocket shouldn’t mean over budget

With BILL, one-off expenses and mileage reimbursements are measured against specific budgets—so you still get real-time visibility into spend.

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Painless to submit, easy to manage

With mobile receipt upload and push notifications for approvals, you can pay back employees in a snap.

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Free reimbursements that will save you money

Not only do we blow the competition away on the product side, but we’re able to save you money as well.

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“With [BILL], we have the advantage of having all of the spend in one place. We can submit a reimbursement directly in [BILL]. We can actually see and monitor the spend of the company as a transaction flows through the credit card instantaneously.”

Marc Balcke
Corporate Controller at Noom
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Control employee reimbursements easily, along with all your expense management

BILL Spend & Expense eliminates the time-consuming reimbursement process you’re used to, and replaces it with an easier, faster flow. Check out the BILL Spend & Expense difference:

Mobile receipt upload

Rather than waiting to hand in receipts, spenders can submit for reimbursement right from the BILL mobile app. Plus, you have the documentation you need for every transaction.

Two-step approval process

With a two-step approval workflow, budget owners get a push notification to give initial approval or reject the employee reimbursement request with a note. Admins are then notified to give final approval or bulk approve requests on the web.

Enforceable budgets

Reimbursements pull from appropriate budgets, so you’ll never overspend again

Automatic rate update

We’ll automatically adjust the standard mileage rate for you each year, based on IRS guidance. It’s a small thing, but saves you the hassle of doing it.

Payroll payouts

Reimburse employees through your payroll system.

ACH Reimbursements

Avoid the payroll reimbursement headache. As soon as you approve a request, BILL will initiate an ACH transfer directly to your employees bank account.

Ready to save on expense reimbursements?

Better reimbursements without the added cost—with BILL Spend & Expense. Submit the form to take a closer look at our platform.
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