Cutting-edge tech businesses need modern financial automation.

Confidently automate and control your business with BILL’s integrated financial operations platform.

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BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable

BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable frees finance teams from manual paperwork and time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on what matters: helping the business thrive.

Optimize payments: Pay bills and get paid faster with expedited options, automated syncing, and scheduling recurring invoices.

Gain control: Maximize cash flow with deferred payables and accelerated receivables.

Reduce errors: Improve bill pay accuracy and reduce data entry with AI-driven data capture.

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BILL Spend & Expense

BILL Spend & Expense eliminates manual expense reporting, gives you real-time spending data, and provides flexible credit lines to help your tech company scale.

Control spending: Never go over budget again with easy controls and visibility into every dollar spent.

Spend smarter: Earn rewards on all your spending with as many physical and virtual cards as needed.

Save time and cost: Sync all your spending to your accounting system, saving hours of work at month end (and all month long).

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“We now pay our bills in a timely manner and that’s improved our cash flow and enhanced our reputation with our vendors. At this point, I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

Lori Brown, SVP and Corporate Controller
Merchant e-Solutions

"Calendly has saved 7–10 hours a month and about $15–20k a year on expense reporting since switching to BILL Spend & Expense."

Jonathan Rue, Senior Finance/Accounting Analyst

“By automating all the mundane tasks, BILL frees up a lot of time to help us focus on the company’s growth.”

Coreen Collins, Senior Accountant

Integrate with your accounting software

BILL integrates with all accounting software, helping you reduce manual entry, speed up account reconciliation, and simplify every step of your workflow.
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Frequently asked questions

What types of tech and software companies use BILL?
BILL is used by various types of software, technology companies at different stages of development: from early stage to IPO. The customers we serve also have varied business models, including SaaS and pay-as-you-go, meaning that BILL is a widely used solution to fuel growth for this industry.
Why do tech and SaaS companies need to automate their financial operations?
As software and technology organizations are delivering innovations that disrupt the industry and reshape our society, the financial workflows need to be agile and adaptable to fuel exponential growth. Tech companies move fast, and they use AP, AR, and spend and expense automation to simplify workflows and improve efficiency. Financial automation solutions should be easy to implement and have the flexibility to customize for the tech industry’s changing needs. Please read more customer stories to see how software and technology companies can benefit from financial operations automation.
How do BILL’s AI and automation solutions help tech and SaaS companies scale and grow?
Here are a couple of examples. BILL helps track the progress and status of all purchase orders in one place and helps avoid payment errors by ensuring price, quantity, and quality of inventory received match the agreed upon terms with your vendors. BILL also gives you instant visibility into cash flow, so you know where you stand and can make informed decisions on growth strategies.

For tech and software companies with independent contractors, BILL makes timely, automated payments and 1099 e-filing easy. BILL integrates with you can e-file your 1099-NECs with a few clicks. Read more about how BILL works with Tax1099 here.

Automation also saves time on manual tasks like expense reporting, month-end close, and more. Tech moves fast, and BILL helps them move faster.
Is BILL secure for tech and SaaS companies?
BILL is the preferred provider of digital payments solutions for, the technology arm of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

BILL’s secure AP, AR, and Spend & Expense solutions will help protect your account information by making digital payments through the BILL account. Please visit our Security page for more information.
What is BILL pricing?
BILL Spend & Expense is free! BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable pricing can be found here.
How do I start to use BILL for my professional services organization?
Please get details on how to start from here.