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What will you accomplish when you can spend less time on AP, AR, and spend and expense?
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Schools and education organizations see results from BILL

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BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable

BILL helps schools and other educational services organizations save 50% of time on AP* to focus on better budgeting and strategic planning.

Streamline approval: Automate approvals and stay on top of the approval process with in-app team communications and approval tracking from anywhere.

Enhance control: Manage access to invoices and payments with role-based permissions and separation of duties. Leverage PO matching to ensure purchases have been pre-approved.

Simplify audits: Create a permanent record of bills, approvals, and payments with a timestamped audit trail. Grant auditors read-only access for simplified audits.

Optimize payments: Pay vendors, 1099 contractors, and employees by check, ACH, credit card, or international payment with a few clicks. Track real-time payment status.

*Based on a 2021 survey of over 2000 BILL customers.

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BILL Spend & Expense

From marketing spending to staff expense reporting, BILL offers an efficient spend and expense tool with better control and visibility.

Save time and cost: Automated expenses processes, integration with accounting systems and mobile accessibility help expedite reimbursements.

Streamlined expenses: Automated tracking and categorization of expenses improves efficiency and accuracy, so staff can focus on core educational activities.

Financial control and compliance: Get real-time visibility into spending so you never go over budget. Enhance control and policy compliance for your organization.

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“When we switched over to BILL, the training took like two minutes, and the department heads were all thrilled at how easy it was.”

Alan Fessenden, Vice President
Larkin University

“If you work in a business office where you subscribe to the idea that [your] role is to make the faculty’s lives easier and therefore, by extension, the students’ lives better, then BILL Spend & Expense is absolutely a tool to be able to accomplish that.”

Tanya Horgan, Business Manager
Kent School

“Our cash flow is tricky because tuition comes in from different semesters and overlaps fiscal years. Before adopting BILL, we used a paper system to manage accounts payable, mailing out paper checks to pay vendors.”

Kayla Jackmon, Director of Finance
Bloomingdale School of Music

Integrate with any accounting system or ERP

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Frequently asked questions

What types of educational services organizations use BILL?
A variety of educational services organizations use BILL, including charter/public schools and private schools, colleges and universities, continuing education programs, training programs, tutoring and coaching services and online learning platforms. Our solution can help all educational organizations, regardless of size, to streamline financial operations and achieve higher efficiency.
What are some other benefits of using BILL?
For educational services organizations with independent contractors and instructors, BILL makes timely, automated payments and 1099 e-filing easy. BILL integrates so you e-file your 1099-NECs with a few clicks
How can you further improve the purchase-to-pay workflow as a school or an educational organization?
For schools and educational organizations that need to purchase goods like school supplies and equipment and/or services, BILL helps ensure that proper procurement policies and procedures have been followed. BILL helps automate purchase-to-pay workflows by tracking the progress and status of purchase orders, invoices, and payments. Avoid payment errors by making sure that price, quantity, and quality of received inventory and services match the agreed-upon terms with automated 2- and 3-way matching* across POs, item receipts, and invoices—all in one workspace.

Learn more about 2-way and 3-way matching.

*Capabilities vary by accounting software. Please contact BILL to learn more.

Is BILL secure for schools and educational organizations?
As the preferred provider of digital payments solutions for, the technology arm of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the BILL platform will help protect your account information by making digital payments through the BILL account. Please visit our Security page for more information.
What is BILL pricing?
BILL Spend & Expense is free! BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable pricing information here.
How can schools and educational organizations start using BILL?
You can get started with BILL here.