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Better visibility and control for peace of mind

See the status of every invoice quickly and easily, with custom permissions and approvals to minimize risk.
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Increase AP controls with custom user roles, permissions, and approvals

Separation of duties

Set custom roles and permissions to provide or prohibit access to workflow processes.

Enhanced approval policies

Apply custom approval criteria and route by vendor, location, department, general ledger account, and more.

Two-layer approvals

Safeguard key actions by requiring a second admin approval with Dual Control to reduce the risk of fraud or error.

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More visibility into your AP workflow

360-degree view of payments in and out

Make more informed business decisions with full visibility into payables and receivables.

Complete vendor info & document storage

View all your vendor details in one place for quick, easy reference, including contracts.

Track approval & payment status

See where each invoice is in the pipeline to ensure there are no bottlenecks or missed payments.

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Better security for your business

Single sign-on

Grant authorized users access through SSO services, including G Suite (Google), Auth0, Centrify, Microsoft Azure, Okta, and more.

Audit trails

Time-stamped audit trails record users' actions and detect unauthorized access or suspicious activity.

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BILL Spend & Expense: Software that helps you spend smarter

Flexible budgets

Create budgets by team, department, or project with customized spend controls set for each business area and organize them into Groups that can be managed by an assigned Group Owner.

Proactive controls

By leveraging BILL Spend & Expense policies, you can set a maximum transaction limit, turn on merchant controls, get notified on unapproved purchases, and more for complete control over every budget.

Easy requests

Easily send funds with the mobile and web apps, so employees can spend on their BILL Divvy Corporate Cards instantly.

Total visibility

Instantly see where every penny is in your organization. Stop overspending and get real-time visibility into spend by department, team, project, or individual budget.

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Resources to help you succeed

Frequently asked questions

What are custom user roles?
One of the ways BILL adapts to your unique business processes is by enabling the creation of custom user roles. Through custom user roles, the access to several items or workflow process in the BILL system, in any combination, can be enabled or prohibited for that role.
What is dual control?
Dual Control provides extra security and control by requiring 2 people to approve an action. When Dual Control is enabled, a single user can initiate an action, but a second user is required to approve it.
What are enhanced approval policies?
Enhanced approval policies allow you to route transaction approvals automatically to designated approvers and approver groups with an expanded set of routing criteria.
Does BILL offer single sign-on (SSO)?
With BILL, you can now mitigate risk and protect users and systems from security threats by controlling user access with single sign-on (SSO). You can enable SSO through a variety of identity providers such as G Suite (Google), AuthO, Centrify, Microsoft Azure, Okta, and many others. SSO allows you to extend security protocols and grant users safe and secure access to their BILL account.
Once you set up approval policies in BILL, can you change them?
If you edit or delete a policy, it won't apply retroactively to previously created bills or credits and will only apply to future bills or credits.

The policies in place at the time a bill or credit was created will always apply to that bill or credit. If you need a different policy to apply to an existing bill or credit, you'll need to delete the bill or credit, make the policy changes, then recreate the bill or credit.
Does BILL offer pre-defined user roles to easily set up approval policies?
BILL offers six (6) pre-defined roles, allowing various levels of accessibility and control on our advanced accounts. With user roles, people both inside or outside your company can participate in your Payables and Receivables processes without having to provide them access to your bank account or accounting system functions. Custom roles may also be available for more granular permissions settings, depending on the account's price plan.
Can I set premission options for individual users in BILL?
Yes, you can set permissions for individual users in BILL. With predefined roles, you can allow various levels of accessibility and control. The six roles are: administrator, accountant, clerk, approver, payer and auditor. Within those roles, there are various permissions that can be set. Custom roles may also be available for more granular permissions settings, depending on the account's price plan.
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