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BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable

BILL helps hospitality businesses streamline AP & AR to improve cash flow and get ready for business growth.

Simplify payments: Pay suppliers, vendors, and contractors by check, ACH, credit card, or international payment with a few clicks in their local currency or USD.

Maximize cash flow: Defer payments by using credit cards and have the freedom to pay any amount, for free, when you place funds in your BILL balance.

Manage multi-entities: Manage multiple locations or entities easily by communicating with employees in the app and syncing financial data to your accounting system.

Automate PO matching: Gain control of your purchase-to-pay workflows and keep spend within pre-approves limits with PO matching.

Simplify vendor onboarding: Vendors can set up their accounts without handing off sensitive bank information through self-serve. Once onboarded, they can start receiving and tracking payments.

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BILL Spend & Expense

BILL simplifies spend and expense management and offers flexible credit lines to help your business scale.

Save time and cost: Automated expenses processes, integration with accounting systems and mobile accessibility help expedite reimbursement cycles.

Streamlined expense management: Automated tracking and categorization of expenses improves efficiency and accuracy, so employees can focus on customer-facing activities.

Maximize cash flow: Earn rewards on all your spending with as many physical and virtual cards as needed. Scale your credit line when your business is ready to grow.

Control budget: Stay under budget and gain real-time visibility for enhanced control and better budget management.

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“BILL has cut data entry time by almost half, and when dealing with hundreds of invoices from multiple retail units on a weekly basis, those time savings add up quickly.”

Evan Jenkins, Accounting & Accounts Payable Manager
Tiff’s Treats

“BILL has made every aspect of AP management significantly more efficient.”

Debbie Bawden, Senior Accountant
Clif Family Winery

“We were sharing credit cards, chasing down receipts, and just didn’t have control over spend. By switching over to BILL Spend and Expense, we’ve transferred buying power to all of our managers. It’s a lot more friendly.”

Lynnette Spencer, Controller
Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

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Frequently asked questions

Which types of hospitality organizations use BILL?
BILL is used by a variety of hospitality organizations, including hotels, travel services, fast food restaurants and chains, food delivery services, restaurants, restaurant chains, and more.
Why do hospitality organizations use BILL?
hile every organization employs unique business processes, the flexibility BILL provides in streamlining financial operations enables hospitality organizations to customize their implementation to fit their unique needs, whether they’re part of a franchise or a single entity. This flexibility also allows them to scale as their business needs grow and change.

Many hospitality organizations come to BILL because they’re referred by a colleague or their outsourced accounting firm. Over 80% of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms use BILL (for their clients). Over $140B in total payment volume processed through our platform in FY'21.
What are some ways that BILL can improve the invoicing process for hospitality businesses?
You can streamline your purchase-to-pay workflows to ensure customer needs are satisfied. BILL helps hospitality businesses ensure the proper procurement procedures have been followed when purchasing supplies for better serving customers so payment decisions can be made with confidence. BILL helps you track the progress and status of all purchase orders in one place and avoid payment errors by ensuring price, quantity, and quality of inventory received match the agreed upon terms with automated 2-way and 3-way matching.*

*Capabilities vary by accounting software. Contact BILL to learn more.
What are some other ways that BILL helps hospitality organizations to manage spend and expense?
BILL Spend & Expense can ensure your marketing campaigns stay uninterrupted through intelligent spend controls. When your business is ready to expand, BILL can also help you get the capital needed to serve more customers.

How does international payment work for suppliers and vendors located outside the US?
BILL makes it easy to send international payments to your suppliers and vendors in USD or over 100 other global currencies. You can reach a broader vendor and supplier network from all over the world with competitive wire transfer fees and strengthen your relationship with them by using their preferred currencies. Click here to read more about international payments.
Is BILL secure for hospitality organizations?
BILL Spend & Expense is free! BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable pricing can be found here.
How do I get started with BILL for my hospitality business?
Request a demo or get started with a risk-free trial.