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Earn card rewards and better manage cash flow

Now you can pay vendors by credit card—even if they don’t typically accept cards.
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Why pay vendors with your credit card?

Pay by credit card to earn rewards and defer payments.
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Earn rewards

Collect all your favorite perks—points, miles, rebates, and more—when you pay vendors with your credit card.

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Defer payments

Give yourself more time to settle debts and free up cash flow with credit card payments to vendors.

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Keep everything in sync

Reduce errors and cut down on manual data entry with automatic syncs to leading accounting software.

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How Pay By Card works

Decide which bill(s) you want to pay by card.

Add your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover card.

Make a card payment with your added credit or debit card, whether the vendor accepts credit card payments or not!

BILL will charge your card for the payment (plus an industry-standard 2.9% transaction fee) and then pay your vendor via ACH, check, or virtual card depending on how they are set up in BILL

International card payments, supported by Visa, Mastercard and Discover, will deposit into your vendor’s bank account. In addition to the 2.9% transaction fee, international card payments are subject to exchange rates and other fees.

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Paying by credit card can cost less than you think. And offers more than you know.

Pay By Card

Savings estimator

This calculator shows you how to offset credit card processing fees with tax benefits, cash back rewards, and early pay discounts. When you do the math, the benefits of making credit card payments could outweigh the costs.

Use BILL Pay By Card to keep more cash on hand, make faster payments, and rack up credit card rewards—all while paying less than you imagined.1
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Potential savings:


Streamline your payments and workflow

Increase your efficiency and save time when you automate your payables process, and track all spend in one place with the BILL Divvy Corporate Card. 

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Freedom to pay how you want

Whether you're paying vendors via credit card, ACH, check, or international wire, BILL is your central business payments hub. Your payments, all in one place.

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Discover why millions of businesses and top accounting firms manage their accounts payable with BILL

Frequently asked questions

Can I really pay vendors with my credit card, even if they don't accept cards?
Yes! To pay vendors with your credit card, BILL processes your credit card payment and then we pay your vendors by ACH payment, check, or virtual card (depending on how they are set up in our system). So vendors receive their payments by ACH, check, or virtual card but you get to pay by credit card, earning credit card rewards and deferring payments to better manage your cash flow.
How long do Pay By Card payments take?
If your existing vendor is set up to receive ACH payments, in most cases, funds will be deposited the next business day after your card has been processed. For vendors that have just signed up to receive ACH payments, it can take up to 5 business days to receive the first payment.

Check vendors will generally receive payments within 5 - 7 business days, depending on USPS mail delivery speed.

Virtual card payments are delivered the same business day or next day.

When you make a payment with your credit card, you’ll see the estimated date that the payment will be received by your vendor. We suggest scheduling with plenty of time for the payment to arrive in order to avoid late payments.
Will my vendor be charged for receiving Pay By Card payments?
No. We don't charge your vendor additional fees for receiving Pay By Card payments. You pay an industry-standard 2.9% fee for each transaction.
What if my vendor doesn't accept card payments?
You can pay vendors by credit card with BILL Pay By Card, whether they accept card payments or not. BILL processes the payment with your card, and then issues the payment to your vendor via ACH payment, check, or virtual card, depending on how you’ve set the vendor up. International card payments will be deposited into your vendor’s bank account.
What card types can I use?
Any U.S. credit or debit card may be used for BILL card payments, except prepaid cards or gift cards, which are not supported at this time.
Can I use my BILL Divvy Corporate Card on BILL?
Yes! You can use the BILL Divvy Corporate Card for all business expenses, including BILL.
Can I pay bills with a card using the BILL mobile app?
Yes! Paying bills with a card is now available on the BILL mobile app.
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1 The potential savings is the dollar-amount total from the cash back, tax write-off, and early pay vendor discount, if available and applicable. The savings are provided by third parties not affiliated with or endorsed by, subject to the respective providers' approval, and can change without prior notice. LLC doesn't provide tax advice and does not guarantee the accuracy of estimates provided by this estimator. By using this tool, you agree that LLC isn't liable for any errors, omissions, misinterpretations, or actions taken based on the information provided by this estimator.