Acceptable Use Policy

Under the General Terms of Service, you confirmed that you will not use the service in connection with the following businesses or business activities. The following list is representative but not exhaustive.

  • Mortgage, Debt and Credit services
    • Mortgage/loan consulting, debt reduction, credit counseling or repair, pay day lenders
  • Money and Financial Services
    • Money services businesses, money transmitters, check cashing, wire transfers, money orders, currency exchanges or dealers, bail bonds, collections agencies, payment aggregators
  • Virtual Currency and Quasi-Cash
    • Businesses operating as brokers, dealers, exchangers, miners, or processors of virtual/digital currency transactions, video game or virtual world credits
  • Gambling
    • Any activities related to the provision of gambling services
  • Regulated Products and Services
    • Internet/telephone/mail order sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes & e-liquid, online pharmacies, age restricted goods or services, guns, weapons and munitions, fireworks and other explosives
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
    • Investment opportunities or services that promise high rewards
  • High-Risk Businesses
    • Lifetime memberships or guarantees, detective agencies, occult services, psychic services, gold, diamonds and precious metals dealers, travel reservation services, pseudo-pharmaceuticals and streaming services
  • Multi-Level Marketing
    • Pyramid schemes, network marketing, referral marketing, affiliate marketing
  • Adult Content and Services
    • Pornography, obscene materials, sex related services, dating or marriage services
  • Drug Paraphernalia and related products
    • Retail sales for the purpose of production and/or distribution of illegal substances or services, substances designed to mimic illegal drugs
  • Marijuana
    • Any activities related to the processing, distribution and sale of marijuana
  • Illegal Activities
    • Counterfeit/unauthorized goods, intellectual property or proprietary rights infringement
  • Practices inconsistent with intended use or otherwise prohibited by the General Terms & Conditions

                                                                                    Last updated: March 20, 2018