Put your bank at the center of business payments.

We’ve revolutionized small and medium business payables and receivablesto help your bank serve businesses better.

With Bill.com® Connect, your small and medium business (SMB) customers manage their end-to-end payment process from your online banking portal.

Pay and get paid by ACH or check
Send electronic or paper invoices
Sync (2-way) with accounting software
Automate approval workflows
Manage cash flow operations

It’s time to rethink
small business banking.

Bill.com Connect helps small and medium businesses (SMBs) make and receive payments and monitor their cash flow, all from your online banking portal. Built from the ground up for SMBs, Bill.com Connect is the first payment platform designed with their needs in mind.

Scales as businesses grow
With functionality that scales from simple to sophisticated payment requirements, businesses choose the services they need, when they need them.

Puts your bank at the center
Bill pay and invoicing modules make your bank the hub for managing incoming and outgoing payments.

Available anytime, anywhere
A mobile app delivers the same workflow and payment functionality on a mobile device.


The problem with business payments today.

A complicated and manual payables and receivables workflow leaves banks on the sidelines. Rather than being a time saver, traditional online bill pay actually adds time to making and reconciling payments. It’s no wonder checks are still the most popular B2B payment.

Most banks don't offer services for invoicing and receiving payments, leaving business customers to cobble together patchwork solutions.

Missing the mark: Fewer than 10% of business payments are made using traditional online bill pay.

It’s what happens before and after the payment transaction that causes pain for businesses.

Transform SMB payments.
Your customers will
love you for it.

With Bill.com Connect, your bank becomes an indispensable part of your customers’ every-day business.

By automating the end-to-end process, your customers slash time making payments by 50% and receive incoming payments 2–3 times faster.

The entry-level solution solves basic payment needs while eliminating paper and helping businesses easily convert to electronic payments. Premium features are available for businesses ready to automate their end-to-end payment processes with approval workflows and accounting software integration.

Delight your small and medium business customers with a complete business payments platform.

Ready to delight your customers?


See the difference?

Bill.com Connect revolutionizes small and medium business payments. The platform is robust yet easy-to-use, with tools for managing the entire payments workflow. Next to us, traditional bill pay just doesn’t stack up. Want to know more? Check out the expanded list of features.


Three top-ten banks are already partners.
Yours should be next.

Revolutionize small business payments and transform your bank’s customer relationships. Put your bank at the center of your business customers’ financial operations.
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