Earth Class Mail


Learn how Earth Class Mail works with BILL. Scan everything as it comes in, or specify for each item – then sit back and let us do the work.


Postal mail scanned to your BILL Inbox

Earth Class Mail provides comprehensive scanning services, customized to meet your needs. Scan everything as it comes in, or specify for each item – then sit back and let us do the work.

How it Works

In short, Earth Class Mail plus BILL:

  • You get a PO Box where vendors and other correspondents can mail invoices, payments and more.

  • Hands-free management of your postal mail - your mail is opened, scanned, and sent to your BILL Inbox, securely and automatically.

Mail Scanning

Earth Class Mail scans the full contents inside the envelope and sends to your Inbox - usually within one business day. You can still have us store, ship, shred or recycle the hard copy. In your Inbox you will have a complete electronic replica that you can attach to a bill, sort into a folder, or download as a PDF file to save, print, or email. You make the choice, we make it happen.

Document Scanning

Have inbound documents sent to your Earth Class Mail address instead of your office, and we’ll scan them for you with no lost time or effort. Earth Class Mail processes large volumes, and bulky, two-sided, and bound materials are no problem.

High Volume Mail Scanning

Earth Class Mail can handle any volume of documents. Nothing is too large! If you have a very high volume of documents, Earth Class Mail creates a custom plan that provides the security and flexibility that you need at a price that you value.

How to Set Up

Log in to BILL, click Gear icon in the Menu bar in the top right corner, then click View All under Apps. On the App Center page, click Earth Class Mail and follow the step by step process to connect BILL with Earth Class Mail.

Additional Information

Visit for more information.