Tax and Accounting

Learn how Hubdoc works with BILL. Connect Hubdoc and BILL to fully automate your payables.


Hubdoc automatically creates and codes bills. Zero data entry. Hubdoc gets your key financial docs in one place - automatically. Say goodbye to chasing documents and data entry and say hello to increased productivity and automation.

How it Works

Stop chasing bills and doing data entry

Hubdoc automatically pulls your bills, extracts the key data and publishes to BILL. 

Supercharged automation with Vendor Rules

Hubdoc’s Vendor Rules are a powerful way to control how bills are coded into BILL.

Fully automate your payables

Hubdoc handles collection and management of your bills. BILL handles approval, payment and syncs to your accounting.

How to Set Up

Sign up for Hubdoc to get started. It's easy to create an automated workflow for your bills, from collection to payment and then synced to your accounting.

  • Publish bills and their data to BILL, automatically.

  • Control how bills are coded in BILL with Supplier Rules.

  • Hubdoc imports Accounts, Vendors, Classes and Departments from BILL.

  • No more data entry. Hubdoc does it for you and syncs to BILL.

Additional Information

Visit to learn more about how you can use Hubdoc with BILL to improve your business.