Digital Payments Built for QuickBooks Software integrates with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and connects to your bank to simplify payments and speed up reconciliation.


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Digital business payments made easy for QuickBooks users lets you pay bills online, get paid faster with ACH or credit card, and streamline approvals.

Easy integration with QuickBooks means it fits right into your current process.

Enter invoices in minutes

Receive vendor invoices by email, or drag 'n drop them into Just enter them once and you're done, thanks to QuickBooks integration.

Choose how you pay

Pay bills electronically with ACH or checks, and make international wire payments. With, business payments have never been easier.

Approve and pay from anywhere

Review and approve payments anytime, on any device. Automated approval workflows and mobile access keep you on the same page, even on the go.

Simplify data entry

When syncs with QuickBooks Online, payments update automatically to save you time, reduce errors, and speed up reconciliation.

Bring more control and visibility to payments

Whether you're a brand-new small business or established and growing, QuickBooks gives you clear control over your money. With and QuickBooks Online, bill pay is easier to manage and more transparent.

With a simple and efficient process, it's easier to focus on what really matters. Your business.

  • Stay on top of payments with built-in reminders and tracking

  • Customize your approvals workflow to fit your business rules

  • See a complete audit trail for any payment, every step of the way

Works with QuickBooks Desktop, too integrates and syncs with your QuickBooks Desktop software, including:

  • QuickBooks Pro

  • QuickBooks Premier

  • QuickBooks Enterprise

Get Started

How does it work?

Once you connect and QuickBooks, bill pay gets better. talks directly to QuickBooks, so changes—like a newly created bill or a sent payment—are automatically updated.

Here's what syncs over:

From QuickBooks to

  • Accounts

  • Departments (called Classes in QuickBooks)

  • Vendors Jobs (called Customer: Jobs in QuickBooks)

  • Book Balance (so can project your cash flow)

  • Customers

  • Invoices (new and edited invoices)

  • Items

From to QuickBooks

  • Accounts

  • Classes (called Departments in

  • Vendors

  • Bills

  • Bill Payments

  • Vendor Credits

  • Funds Transfers

  • Customers

  • Invoices (new invoices only)

  • Invoice payments