Financial Audit

Sync your 1099-qualified BILL data with Tax1099 to securely and easily create forms to eFile with the IRS.


2-way communication

IRS-approved eFiler, Tax1099, powered by Zenwork, Inc., partners with BILL to provide an eFiling & compliance platform for the 1099 eFiling process. We’ve worked together on an integration to allow two-way communication between BILL and Tax1099.

How it Works

View, edit, submit, & store forms in Tax1099

In Tax1099, you’ll view and edit your forms, syncing any vendor information changes back to BILL from the Tax1099 side. Then, you’ll be able to submit forms to the IRS and the states, and choose how to deliver forms to vendors. Your forms will remain in the Tax1099 system under 256-bit, bank-grade security for 7 years.

How to Set Up

Set up vendors in BILL

In BILL, you’ll mark eligible 1099 vendors, map your accounts to box numbers on forms, and initiate the BILL-Tax1099 sync.

Tax1099 pricing structure

With Tax1099, you pay for eFiling and form delivery as you go. File your 1099 forms in batches, or individually. Either way, you’ll take advantage of our tiered pricing model across submissions and payers.

Additional Information

Customer support

Need help? Visit Tax1099 Support or BILL Support. We provide a support base of articles and videos, and also offer phone, email, and live chat support to all users.

Looking for more tools?

From proactive vendor management with W-9 eSolicitation and TIN matching, to automatic state filing requirement recognition and form filing opt-in, to vendor form delivery, Tax1099 has the tools and features to ease your January eFiling process. These tools are also pay as you go.

Looking for more features?

Tax1099 offers Tax1099 Enterprise, a paid subscription plan with features designed to help accountants and their teams work efficiently and effectively on 1099 eFiling.

Workflow and User Management features enable an administrator to designate users and user types. Set custom user rights to establish data entry users, reviewers, additional admins, and more. Restrict views by payers, or enable all users to see all payers. Tax1099 keeps an audit trail, so you can track who did what, when.

Enterprise plans include 250 TIN matches, and additional TIN matches at half-price.