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The Best Pop Culture Accountants

Everyone needs an accountant.

Whether you’re Don Corleone or Don from Missouri, you need a trusted financial advisor on your side.

Which is why we’ve compiled our all-time favorite fictional accountants from television and film.

Grab your popcorn and get ready—it’s business time!

Andy Dufresne from "The Shawshank Redemption"

“If they ever try to trace any of those accounts, they're gonna end up chasing a figment of my imagination.”

Sure, technically, Andy is a banker, but he utilizes his knowledge of finance and the tax code to help the warden launder a small fortune and fund an "early retirement" for himself. You could say he inspired us to pay attention to IRS changes—and to stand in the rain.

Clarke Hayden from "The Good Wife"

"I don't like people who quit!"

Can we get a shout-out to all the pro bono accountants? Clarke Hayden from "The Good Wife" is a court-assigned trustee that is tasked with watching over Lockhart/Gardner as they struggle to pay off their debts. Late account receivables, analyzing assets, ping-ponging morality—you know, the usual.

Kevin Malone, Angela Martin, and Oscar Martinez from “The Office"

"I'm an accountant at a failing paper company in Scranton."

Kevin, Angela, and Oscar are some of the most recognizable accountants from pop culture. Kevin’s lazy, Angela’s uptight, and Oscar is 100% over the daily office idiocy. They are insanely relatable and, oftentimes, are the only employees at Dunder Mifflin doing any actual work.

Louis Tully from "Ghostbusters"

"Who does your taxes...?"

Yeah, he gets possessed by a supernatural Terror Dog, but who hasn’t? After his sobering events with Zuul, Louis becomes a member of the Ghostbusters staff as their personal accountant and tax attorney. Crunching the numbers with a Proton Pack? Yes, please!

Skyler White from "Breaking Bad"

“How else could you possibly make that kind of money?”

Nothing says ‘till death do us part’ quite like laundering illicit funds. And this former bookkeeper knows exactly what it takes to cover-up a drug empire. You might not like her, but you’ve got to respect her.

Doug Wilson from "Weeds"

“Burnt orange. I see numbers as colors. I'll explain later.”

Every fictional drug dealer needs an accountant, and Nancy is no different. Doug Wilson is brash, funny, and arguably the best character in “Weeds.” Legendary!

Ben Wyatt from "Parks and Recreation"

“They call me the swiss army accountant.”

And now, the best accountant in all of pop culture! The man, the myth, the legend—Ben Wyatt. Leslie Knope’s better half is our favorite representation of an accountant on screen. He’s kind, charming, funny, good at his job, and the absolute best human around. And because we couldn’t choose just one Ben Wyatt quote here are three more:

“Hopefully it won’t be too TAX-ing.”

“I mean, obviously accountants are a little more bad boy, but there’s a respect here.”

“We spent too much money on macarons!”

BRB, going to go binge-watch Netflix now.


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