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Spark Joy in the Back Office: Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo and Declutter Your Paperwork

Tanya Roberts
BILL, Marketing Advisor

Since her show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” began streaming on Netflix at the beginning of the year, the master declutterer’s methods have been sweeping the nation. Everyone seems to have a newfound interest in organization. Hardly a day goes by when you don’t hear someone question whether things in their life “spark joy.” But while Kondo’s decluttering principles thrive at home, very few have channeled decluttering efforts toward their work lives.

Chances are, things like writing out checks and piles of contracts, invoices, and other paperwork don’t spark joy in your life.

Thankfully, is here to change all that. Think of it as the Marie Kondo of your back office life. Switching to digital payments, paperless workflows, and AP and AR automation with is the first step toward decluttering your paperwork and creating a more seamless, efficient, and organized back office.

Superior Organization and Access

Document management from allows you to create a shared, secure, cloud-based storage place for all your AP and AR documents. Bills are digitized and automatically sorted by vendor and date and with permissions-based user access, authorized employees can easily access and review them from anywhere - as easily as if they were at the office. Now, anytime you need a document, no matter where you are, you can find it with just a click or tap on your mobile phone.

Adding Automation

Once you take your AP and AR digital, you can take advantage of other innovations that help streamline your operations. AP automation and AR automation are critical if your overriding goal is organization.

AP automation from electronically moves each bill through the review and approval payment workflow, notifying reviewers when it’s time to review, and sending follow-up reminders if necessary.

For AR automation, will automatically create and send invoices to your customers and even collect same-day payments if your customers authorize it. All this adds up to quicker payments – up to three times faster. With, you can track all your AP and AR activities so you always know who reviewed and authorized payments, and when.

Khan Academy:  Decluttering Success Story

Ready to see decluttering in action?

Longtime user Khan Academy has employed to improve efficiency, streamline the payment process, and ensure all bills are paid on time: “We also use’s digital document storage. All of our AP paperwork—invoices and comments—is digitized and organized in one place. It saves us a lot of time,” said Angela Tam, accounting and finance manager at Khan Academy.

The mountains of paperwork and countless manual tasks associated with traditional bill pay do anything but spark joy. is your answer to decluttering your paperwork. Sign up for a risk-free trial of today to find out how you can declutter your office and simplify your digital business payments with AP and AR automation.


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