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Aldridge, Borden & Company doubles revenue and expands client base with BILL

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Aldridge, Borden & Company doubles revenue and expands client base with BILL

Tell us about your firm and what makes you unique.

Aldridge, Borden & Company is a traditional accounting firm that utilizes cloud-based technologies to expand markets and grow revenue. I oversee the firm’s One Source group, which uses BILL to provide a cloud-based bookkeeping model to more than 100 clients.

Why did you decide to use BILL?

BILL ensures the correct approval process is followed each time. It automates the workflow and makes each appropriate stakeholder review a bill prior to paying. Business owners know what they are paying for. They’re not just signing checks.

How have clients responded to BILL?

BILL eliminates at least 50% of the time spent on AP. It allows our clients to operate or even expand without hiring additional personnel. With BILL and its integrations, the numbers are cleaner and the clients understand the transactions better.

What sort of return on investment have you seen from BILL?

With BILL, the firm’s bookkeeping has evolved from the backend recording of transactions to real-time, automated AP. This makes the overall process much more efficient. By using BILL, we can now go after prospective clients anywhere in the nation. We’ve expanded our reach to New York and Texas, among others. We wouldn’t have been able to do that without BILL. We have also doubled the department revenue in three years. Of the 100 clients in my department, all have come on in the past three years since we’ve rolled out BILL.

What tips would you give for those who are looking to improve and scale their business?

Embrace technology because it allows you to work more efficiently.




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