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Georgetown Visitation Prep School cuts AP processing time by 75%

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Georgetown Visitation Prep School cuts AP processing time by 75%

Can you tell me about your school?

“Georgetown Visitation is a college preparatory high school for girls. It was founded in 1799, so it’s the oldest Catholic girl’s school on the East Coast. We have 125 employees and 500 students and are located on 23 acres right in the middle of Georgetown,” explained Roberta Hopkins, Georgetown Visitation’s CFO.

What AP challenges were you having before you implemented BILL?

“We had fairly typical AP issues, with a lot of manual and inefficient processes. We pay about 250 bills a month on average. Whenever anyone had a question about a bill, they’d call our AP person and she’d have to sift through stacks of folders to find what they needed. It was just torture.”

Why did you choose BILL and Intacct accounting software?

“I put a notice out on a shared educational website and asked if anyone was using Intacct. A gentleman at a nearby school replied and said he’d love to talk to me. When I met with him, he exclaimed, ‘Intacct is great software—and you HAVE to use BILL with it!’ I told him we had enough on our plate with the accounting system conversion, and that we didn’t want to complicate things further with additional software. But he was adamant about the many AP benefits you get with BILL. Intacct agreed that it is good solution, so we went ahead and deployed BILL.”

How has life changed since moving to BILL?

“BILL has exceeded my expectations in every way. The implementation was very easy, since the interface with Intacct is very smooth. BILL has reduced the amount of time we were spending on AP by 75%. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. If anyone has a question, I can just go right in BILL and look it up myself. It’s so easy that I don’t have to get anybody else involved with inquiries anymore.”

Are you using the BILL mobile app?

“The BILL mobile app gives me the ability to pay bills while I’m away from the office. The only negative thing with mobile is that now I can approve and pay bills while in Aruba! All kidding aside, it’s great to be able to take a vacation and still pay our bills on time!”

Would you recommend BILL to other educational institutions?

“I’m like the gentleman who referred BILL to me. I tell people, ‘If you’re using Intacct, you HAVE to use BILL — it will improve your life dramatically!’”


Private high school


Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Accounting software

Sage Intacct

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