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Medbook Solutions outlines how BILL is “perfect for client accounting services”

Customer Stories >

Medbook Solutions outlines how BILL is “perfect for client accounting services”

How do you use BILL?

Medbook Solutions helps physical therapy (PT) practices grow their business. We give them a complete financial management solution built for modern times and provide affordable access to outsourced accounting and cloud technologies.

Why did you decide to use BILL?

I knew I wanted to use BILL the first time I saw it. We beta tested other accounts payable software, and none matched the best-in-class software of BILL.

The BILL mobile app is really convenient. I show it to clients to demonstrate that they won’t lose control of essential processes and how easy it is to use.

How does BILL support client accounting services?

To get the big picture of a business, you need all the numbers – total payroll, cost of operation, revenue, cash flow analysis, and more. BILL is perfect for CAS as it captures all AP-related activities along with the unlimited document storage. With BILL added to our technology bundle with Sage Intacct, we can deliver higher-level services and help with additional advisory activities. We look at what they are spending and help make recommendation to keep expenses lean and profits higher.

A client's perspective

Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness Slashes AP Time by 90% with BILL

Alisha Martin, director of business operations for Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness, wears many hats in her firm including accounting, HR, and business development. She shares how Medbook Solutions streamlined AP so she could focus on growing the practice.

Tell us about your business.

Forever Fit Physical Therapy is a physical therapy practice based in Maryland. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a personal PT experience for our customers. Since 2010, we’ve grown from one office to five.

How does Medbook help your company?

Medbook handles accounting so we can focus on growing the company. They have a wealth of knowledge that is very beneficial.

Prior to Medbook, I handled accounting in-house as well as HR, marketing, business development, and administrative tasks. Toward the end of the month, accounting would get more time-consuming. The goal of working with Medbook was to put an accounting system in place so that I could work on other things.

What do you think of BILL?

BILL is a good tool. Medbook introduced us to it, and we use it for all our bills. Vendors email their invoices to BILL, and I get an email saying a bill is ready for approval. It’s a nice and easy process that saves us time – much easier than what we did before when I was printing, signing, and mailing paper checks.

How much time has BILL saved you?

Doing 50 bills for five offices took me about 10 hours a month. Now, I can finish in an hour. I can focus on other things. I’d never go back to doing bills the old way. I’m very grateful to Medbook for introducing BILL to me.




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