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Noble Accounting slashes AP time by 50% with BILL

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Noble Accounting slashes AP time by 50% with BILL

Tell us about your firm.

Noble Accounting focuses on nonprofits, with our clients’ annual revenues ranging from $200K to $30M. BILL and Xero play fundamental roles as part of our cloud-based, full-service accounting.

How has BILL helped your firm?

We used to have to cut checks and messenger them over to clients for signature. Now, the AP process is so efficient we can be done with AP before people have finished their morning coffee. This has enabled us to focus on providing higher value services to our clients. We integrate BILL with Xero and that two-way sync is priceless.

BILL solidifies the separation of duties and revolutionizes the audit process. Audits require less fieldwork time because auditors can view invoices, payments and the full audit trail remotely.

What do your clients think of BILL?

Our clients love BILL. CEOs have started paying more attention to invoices and now ask questions like, “Why did this bill go up? What does this vendor do for us?” That has led to cost savings for clients. We even have a CEO that loves BILL so much he uses it for his personal bills.

What is your BILL ROI?

We’ve reduced AP time by 50%.

With cloud services and fixed monthly fees, we’ve been able to work with more clients without increasing overhead. With the efficiencies created by BILL, employees can manage 2-3 times more clients each with the same high level of service. BILL also helps us attract talent since we can offer remote working and flexible hours. You can run a business from anywhere with BILL.

What tips would you give other firms?

Ask the new generation of business owners to cut a check and they’ll say, “What’s a check?” The cloud is the way of the future.






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