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Spikeball™ scores big with BILL

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Spikeball™ scores big with BILL

Spikeball™ is the world’s newest up and coming sport with 26 employees on track to reach $22M in 2019. Spikeball™’s Finance Manager, Jurie Victor calls BILL an “amazing AP solution” as it enables him to utilize the international business payments offerings and pay their vendors overseas with just one click rather than send wire transfers like he had been previously doing (at $15 a piece).

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Jurie also added that all Spikeball™ employees use the BILL mobile app to easily submit and track reimbursements - while he’s away on vacation he simply uses his phone to approve reports. BILL is enabling Spikeball™ to keep pace with its fast growing rate, and allows the company to grow to its full potential.

Can you tell me a little about Spikeball™?

“Spikeball™ is the world’s next great sport! When asked to describe the game, we say that if volleyball and foursquare had a baby, it’d be named Spikeball™. The game soared in popularity right after we appeared on Shark Tank in 2015. We now have 26 employees and are on track to reach $22M in 2019,” said Jurie Victor, Spikeball™’s Finance Manager & Bottom Line Aficionado.

How many bills do you pay per year?

“This year we paid 1,800 bills, a 63% increase over last year. If we had to print out all of those invoices and manually cut checks, we’d have to hire at least one more full-time AP person.”

How are you using BILL?

“The BILL user interface is beautiful, clean, and easy to understand. It enters the invoices automatically, and that has definitely made a huge difference for me as the only accounting person on staff. I also love the approver system. We have two-stage approvals—the first level is the person in charge of the department, and it’s automatically forwarded to our COO for final approval. It also provides a great audit trail if we ever get inquiries about a payment.”

Are you using the BILL International Payments solution?

“BILL enables us to pay our overseas vendors in local currencies or US dollars. We used to have to go to our bank to send wires. Each transfer cost $15 and would take at least 15 minutes. That really adds up when you have hundreds of bills to pay each month! With BILL, it’s a 1-click operation.”

Are you using the BILL mobile app?

“Everyone at Spikeball™ uses the mobile app. Our employees submit their expense reports into BILL and they can easily track when they’ll get reimbursed. Our contractors use the mobile app to send bills to me. Now when I’m on vacation, I don’t need to take my computer with me since I can do everything I need with the BILL mobile app.”

Have you used BILL customer support?

“I love BILL support! With just a few words, they know what your situation is. They suggest a potential solution, ask one or two follow-up questions, and then tell you to sync the system to see if the problem has been solved. I’ve never had to wait too long, and they always know how to solve your issue.”

Is BILL enabling you to keep up with Spikeball™’s popularity?

“The efficiency we’ve obtained with BILL is enabling us to keep pace with our amazing growth rate. BILL has changed my life significantly and enabled our company to grow—it’s simply an amazing AP solution!”




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