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TurnoverBnB eliminates out of pocket expenses with virtual cards

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TurnoverBnB eliminates out of pocket expenses with virtual cards

“BILL Spend & Expense empowers our people to make purchases that make their work better, without having to spend out of their own pockets.”

The summary

TurnoverBnB started in 2017 with a mission to simplify vacation rental management for hosts and their cleaners. Their staff is located in multiple locations across the country, including Hawaii, California, and Florida, as well as across the world in Argentina and Brazil.

“As a software company ourselves, we value technology and digital collaboration tools that help make our company more efficient—allowing us more time to focus on our business growth. BILL’s virtual cards have provided us with the expense management solution we were looking for.” Nicolette Borlaug Masiya, Marketing Director at TurnoverBnB, said that as a geographically-dispersed team, they rely heavily on digital collaboration tools—and their expenses and budgets are no exception.

“BILL Spend & Expense’s virtual cards have provided us with the expense management solution we were looking for.”

Before BILL Spend & Expense, TurnoverBnB’s co-founder and CEO, Assaf Karmon, spent a lot of time reviewing and categorizing employee purchase requests. Though this method wasn’t a big deal when the TurnoverBnB team was only a few people, growing to more than a dozen employees across the globe quickly turned their expense management into a 15-hour job each month.

The real dealbreaker, however, came when employees had to use their own personal credit cards for work travel, subscriptions, and more.

When one employee was out on company business, he was told by his manager to take an Uber on his personal account and submit a reimbursement request. But having to use his own credit card was a big concern and shared that he would rather walk—even through rougher parts of the city at night—than have to use his own card and wait to be reimbursed.

This made Assaf and the rest of his team realize how frustrating and stressful it can be for employees to use their personal cards even for the smallest work purchase, as it may not fit into their own budgets at that time. That’s when they discovered BILL virtual cards.

“Our employees no longer need to feel the burden of needing to rely upon their personal credit card for work-related expenses,” Nicolette said. “Virtual cards allow for an easier way of expense reporting, translating to no more submitting paperwork for reimbursement.”

She shared that the team loves the ability to have multiple BILL virtual cards for different business needs. Designers can now purchase assets or pay for subscriptions with a predefined spending limit, and developers can take Ubers without jumping through hoops with expense reimbursements.

Best of all, no one has to use their own credit cards.

“Gone are the days of holding onto receipts, hoping you don’t lose them by the time you return to the office. BILL’s virtual cards and mobile app allows for quick receipt upload on the spot.”

Nicolette says tracking expenses for online subscriptions and other recurring payments has been easier than ever since making the switch to BILL Spend & Expense. “We love BILL Spend & Expense because it allows us to give our team autonomy without too much risk due to each card’s defined spending limits.”


TurnoverBnB is a centralized platform that helps vacation rental hosts automatically schedule and manage their turnovers via our website and mobile app. In addition to its primary function as a marketplace for vacation rental cleaning services, TurnoverBnB features all the tools to streamline and simplify the cleaning process.



Company size

Over 50


Honolulu, Hawaii

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Products used

BILL Spend & Expense

Before BILL Spend & Expense:
  • 15+ hours a week on expense reports
  • Employees using personal credit cards on business trips
  • Waiting weeks for reimbursements
After BILL Spend & Expense:
  • Expense reporting in one place (without receipts)
  • Unlimited employee virtual cards for recurring expenses and subscriptions
  • Flexible budgets

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