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4 reasons customer trust BILL over AvidXchange

1. Easy to implement and use

A straightforward, intuitive product design lets teams get up and running in days, not weeks or months. You also have complete freedom and flexibility to change custom workflows as your needs change. With BILL's native mobile app for iOS and Android, you can even manage and make payments on the go.

2. Integrated international payments

BILL international business payments supports 137 countries and 106 currencies, allowing you to extend your payments beyond your domestic vendors. No need to connect to a third party and introduce additional complexities. Make payments in one click without ever leaving your BILL workspace.

3. AI-enabled automation

Save valuable time with BILL Artificial Intelligence. BILL Artificial Intelligence uses AI to capture invoice data like date, invoice number, and amount due, in seconds. Simply review the information and send on to your designated approvers.

4. Extensive vendor network

BILL lets you connect with and make electronic payments to any of the 4+ million members in our network. You can find and pay vendors in just a couple clicks and BILL will auto-connect you with vendors in the network to save you time.

Join the growing number of businesses that put their trust in BILL*

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Network members pay or get paid with BILL
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businesses use BILL to help automate their financial operations
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in total payment volume (~1% of US GDP)
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of the top 100 US accounting firms trust BILL
*As of June 30, 2023

Millions of businesses and top accounting firms use BILL

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