How does BILL automate my accounts receivable process?

BILL automates your accounts receivable process by digitizing the way our users go about paying you. BILL takes the accounts receivable process into the digital world for convenience and efficiency, and lets you accept domestic ACH, virtual card, or check.

BILL also assists businesses with their recurring invoices, payment reminders, overdue reminders. One of the most important features we provide is syncing received payments directly with your accounting software to eliminate any room for error.

Branded Portal Capabilities

BILL offers a branded portal for your customers to pay you electronically. It offers your customers:

  • Data in transit encryption with Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • A dedicated payment page for your company that is branded with your logo.
  • Automatic friendly reminders of due dates for payment.
  • Automatic notifications of overdue payments.
  • Exchange notes regarding specific invoices or payments directly in the BILL system.

Other BILL Features

You can learn more about the other capabilities the portal has in assisting businesses’ with their AR process or learn about how BILL helps facilitate the Accounts Payable Process. If interested, find help deciphering whether BILL is right for you by trying our risk-free trial.