The Business Bill Pay Solution
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Thousands of small business customers at every top U.S. bank including yours are already using Get ahead of this explosive emerging trend now. Transform bill pay from a low-adoption cost center to a high-adoption profit center, and make your bank the center of your customers' financial operations.

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Our Business Bill Pay Volume is Soaring. Yours Will Too. is growing 100% year over year for one reason only: Your small and midsize business customers want a complete solution that automates their entire bill pay process, includes comprehensive accounts receivable, and integrates with your bank. We provide that.

Businesses want to receive invoices electronically, approve them online from anywhere, pay them with a click, and have the resulting transactions entered in their accounting systems automatically. And they want to send invoices and receive payments the same way.

Our business payment solution delivers all this now, and it's ready for immediate implementation today.


3 Top-Ten Banks Are Already Partners.
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You've seen it happen again and again: Once a highly efficient new technology like ours reaches critical mass, exponential growth is the norm. Three of the nation’s leading institutions have already recognized this and implemented our technology to deepen and cement relationships with their customers.


Get Close to Your Small and Midsize Business Customers. Really Close.

Our robust business bill pay solution binds small and midsize business customers more closely to your bank by integrating the heart of their operations – cash flow and payments – into your banking relationship. And it creates new revenue streams to start generating ROI immediately.

What's more, by fully meeting your small and midsize business customers' needs, you create opportunities to sell more bank services. You open and retain more operating deposit accounts, with higher balances. You accelerate the adoption of electronic payments, and reap the cost savings.

Bottom line, helps make each customer more profitable for your bank.


What Small Business Customers
Experience without

Imagine you're a business owner or executive paying bills.

Your bookkeeper has spent hours chasing down approvals for each invoice and printing all the checks that need to go out. He or she has paper-clipped each check to its approved invoice and other paperwork, and stacked everything in a pile on your desk. You review each item, set aside the bills you want to question, and sign the remaining checks.

Traditional bill pay would eliminate signing checks, but actually add more steps - logging on to your bank's website, keying in each payment amount, and then relaying the same data into your accounting software.

Why Business Owners and
Executives Love

Now imagine that your bank has implemented our solution.

You check your mobile device to see a list of payments that need to go out. There's a problem with one, so you swipe to view the actual invoice. You're still not satisfied, so you text instructions to the previous approver. Three other items you approve and pay - click, click, click.

Which business would you rather own?

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The Problems with
Traditional Bill Pay

There's a simple reason that fewer than 10% of business payments are made through online bill pay.
Compared to using paper checks, traditional online bill pay is more time consuming and expensive.


Traditional bill pay does nothing to address the flood of paper bills arriving daily, the messy shuffling of paper bills and documents from desk to desk, the endless keying and rekeying of data into the accounting system, nor the time wasted searching filing cabinets for misfiled paper documents.


The Business Bill Pay Solution Your
Customers Already Love is the only business payments solution powered by 9-years of customer-driven innovation. That's nearly a decade of delighting small and midsize business customers like yours.


No wonder over 60% of new customers were referred by friends and colleagues. They love managing payables in half the time, at half the cost, with none of the hassles – and getting paid 2 to 3 times faster too. vs. Traditional
Online Bill Pay works with your customers' accounting software to eliminate paperwork, save money and save time.


Unlimited online document storage


Automatic routing of bills for internal approval


One-click payment, electronically or by check


Full voucher/remittance information sent with payments


Permissions controls prevent unauthorized access


Cleared payments searchable by customer/invoice number


Automatic sync with accounting software



Sends invoices online

Accept payments online via ACH, credit card, or PayPal


View and pay invoices on a web page with customer's logo


Customers know when their invoices are viewed


Send automatic reminders when invoices are overdue


Set up recurring invoices to customers' customers


Set up recurring payments from customers' customers


Automatic sync with accounting software


Partner with the Leading Marketer, and
Market with the Leading Partner

Our market-leading bill pay solution comes with a comprehensive tool chest of proven best practices to help speed adoption by your customers. Our expert team has decades of banking experience and a successful track record to help you achieve your goals. There is no more experienced implementation partner for your bank.