The Business Value of BILL AP

An IDC report on the ROI of BILL AP Automation
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In this ever-changing economic landscape, it’s more important than ever to operate leanly and do more with less. BILL partnered with IDC to delve into the outcomes of seven midsize companies and evaluate their results and performance from AP automation.

Download the report* to discover the tangible business value BILL brought to a handful of customers, including:

  • Nearly 400% three-year ROI
  • 38% more productive accounts payable teams
  • >3x more bills handled digitally
  • 85% more bills processed
  • 63% faster to process bills

See how AP automation can revolutionize your finance department and help you thrive in these challenging economic times.

*Source: The Business Value of BILL for Accounts Payable, IDC 2022.