Taking Automated AP Services Past That First Client

The how-to guide on creating an automated bill pay service for all your clients
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In a study with CPA.com and Hinge Research, bill pay was one of the highest valued services from clients who buy accounting services, but only one-third of accountants offered it. Accounting clients have also reported that a key reason they fire or stop referring a firm is because that firm isn’t offering proactive services and going over and beyond for their clients. Take a moment to read this eBook, and learn:

  • The value added to clients when AP is automated
  • How to create a bill pay offering for your clients (and your firm)
  • How to break the bonds of hourly billing through automation

In today’s times, for businesses that are trying to pivot quickly, every step toward real-time data and managing cash flow has the potential to make or break their success. Take a step in the right direction by downloading this eBook.