Accountant Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Requirements for You to Participate

  • To qualify to participate in the accountant referral program you must meet all of the the following conditions (“Participation Requirements”):

    1. You are an accounting professional (an Accounting professional includes but is not limited to accounts, CPAs, or bookkeepers) or you are an Existing Console Subscriber (an “Existing Console Subscriber” is a user who has made at least one monthly subscription payment on its account).

    2. You reside in the United States.

    3. The organization or individual you are referring  (“Your Referral(s)”) to must sign up for a trial through your personal referral link under the Essentials, Team, Corporate, or Enterprise price plans.

  • If determines, in its sole discretion, that 50% or more of Your Referrals cannot be verified (see next section for details on referral verification), may revoke your ability to submit any additional referrals to the program.

  • All decisions about whether you meet the applicable Participation Requirements listed above or whether Your Referrals can be verified will be made by, in its sole discretion. All decisions made by are final.

Referral Requirements and Conditions for Payment

  • If Your Referral becomes a Trial Customer by starting a BDC Verified Trial , you will receive $10 (subject to applicable fees, see below for more details) via the service provider that you choose (currently Stripe or PayPal).

  • To meet the requirements of a “Verified Trial”:

    1. Your Referral must complete a sign-up form;

    2. Your Referral must activate their BDC Verified Trial account;

    3. must be able to verify that the referral is a U.S.-based business; and

    4. Your Referral must add a valid payment method to its trial account.

  • If Your Referral becomes an active BDC Subscriber (a customer who pays a subscription fee)  after signing up for a trial, you will receive an additional $250 (subject to applicable fees) that you will receive via our service providers’ (Stripe or PayPal)  payment methods. Your Referral must either be a new direct subscriber or has not been a direct subscriber in the past 12 months from their first subscription billing statement.

  • Rewards are typically paid out by the 25th of the following month from when you made the referral. Keep in mind that there can be unpredicted delays, including additional time for to confirm that and Your Referral meet all applicable requirements, in payouts that could result in your rewards coming after the 25th. *See here for further details.

Additional Payment Details

  • Associated fees apply according to each method. Via our service provider, Stripe's processing fee is $2.25 USD + 0.25% to a max of $20 USD per transaction. PayPal's processing fee is 2% to a max of $20 USD.

    For example, if a referee becomes an active subscriber:

    1. Stripe processing fees = $2.25 USD + (0.25% x $250) = $2.88

    2. Paypal processing fees = 2% x $250 = $5

  • Your referral will get 10% off the current subscription list price for signing up through your link. This could be subject to price adjustments in the future. Your referral must be a small or mid-sized business that subscribes to's direct product to receive this discount. Accounting firms do not qualify for this discount.

Restrictions on participation

You are prohibited from the following:

  • Advertising on any website that contains or promotes illegal or inappropriate activities.

  • Undertaking (or attempting to undertake) any self-referrals, fraudulent transactions or other actions inconsistent with the intention of the program.

  • Using the brand or marks or promoting the services in a way that disparages or otherwise reflects poorly on the reputation of may suspend or terminate your participation in the referral program if, in our sole judgment, you fail, or we suspect that you have failed, to comply with any of these terms. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions of this program at any time.

Personal Information

Personal Information provided in connection with this program will be used in accordance with our Privacy Notice and our service provider's Privacy Policy.