Making Finance Reinvention Happen

The Five Phases of Successful Finance Reinvention Efforts

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The best Finance organizations are looking for different–if not daring–ways to improve the way they function and the services they deliver. But these reinvention efforts often fail to gain traction with the team, often due to resource constraints or lack of knowledge.

If businesses want to remain relevant in their market, they’ll need to remain competitive—and that requires an appetite for reinvention. Download our white paper, Making Finance Reinvention Happen, by Brian Sommer, CEO of TechVentive. This paper examines the five phases of successful Finance Reinvention efforts: Start, See, Think, Reconcile, and Transform. Plus, learn about new finance solutions that can:

  • Reduce fraud and corruption

  • Automate integrations with accounting and ERP systems

  • Improve Finance service levels for the people who depend on you

  • Reduce friction, errors, and redundant entry in the payment and billing processes

  • Make Finance a more attractive career choice for team members

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