Pivot Points for High-Tech CFOs

Top Criteria for Evaluating Your Back-Office Systems

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Is your finance team spending too much time on paperwork and not enough on strategy? Or maybe errors and attrition are rising in your accounting department.

These could be telltale signs that your back-office systems are falling behind. Once they do, catching up becomes a Herculean task. We studied back-office pivot points for high-tech firms to determine:

  • When and why high-tech CFOs need to transition their tech stack

  • A checklist to evaluate how close you are to your next critical pivot point

  • A case example of AP automation as a moment of opportunity

Working with Vital Analysis, we’ve condensed this information into an executive white paper—complete with an 11-point checklist to help you evaluate your high-tech firm’s current needs and whether it’s time to pivot into more scalable systems.