Approve & Pay Business
Bills in Half the Time

  • Spend 50% less time on business bill pay
  • Pay vendors, 1099 contractors, and anyone else
  • Store and search invoices, checks, and receipts
Works with your accounting software:

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Make fast, efficient business payments in four steps

Import Your Bills

Receive invoices by email, or simply drag 'n drop.

Send To Approvers

Route to your team for review anytime, anywhere.

Pay With Ease

Pay vendors or contractors via ACH and recurring payments.

Stay Up To Date

Sync with your software for fast payment reconciliation.

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We handle payments so you can handle business.

Less Paper Clutter

Vendors send digital invoices to a secure ‘’ email address, or you can drag and drop them right into your dashboard.

Total Payment Automation

Our Auto Bill Entry feature pulls the important details from each invoice to create a new bill—no more time-consuming data entry.

Approvals on the Go

Automatic notifications alert approvers when a new bill is ready for review. Users can review and approve bills electronically from any device, anytime.

Easier Data Entry

Changes you make within are automatically carried over to your accounting software, so you never have to enter payment data twice.

Up-to-Date Books updates your accounting software after each transaction, so accounts reconcile faster and you have clearer insight into your cashflow.

Interact and Engage

Communicate with vendors, approvers, and staff using social media-style notes and comments, all within the app.

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