Slash the time you spend on bill approvals and payments by 50% or more.


Send us
your bills.

Scan, fax or email your bills to Our automated system takes it from there.



View & approve
them online. routes to approvers and provides one-click access to any needed backup docs.



We pay when
you say. prints and mails the checks or pays electronically & syncs with your software.

Works with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, NetSuite,
Intacct and all the rest.
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How it Works

No more filing cabinets.

Scan, fax or email your bills, contracts and other documents to, then shred the paper. (Skip this step if you have vendors email their bills directly to your account.)

No more paperwork to shuffle.

When you see a new bill in your Inbox, simply code it and assign any approvers. enters it in your accounting software for you and notifies the approvers by email.

No more waiting on approvers.

Now your approvers can okay bills from anywhere. If they need to check a contract, it’s at their fingertips even from their phones. Yet everyone sees only the information they need online to do their part.

No more stacks of checks to sign.

Working from anywhere, the person who had to sign checks before now simply selects bills from the approved list and chooses the dates to pay them.

No more vendor-go-round.

Now when vendors ask if you’ve paid, you can make them happy with just a few quick clicks to send them images of the cleared checks.

Try it for yourself.

We print and mail the checks for you, or pay electronically – your choice.

No credit card required for 30 days. That’s plenty of time to see for yourself how fast, simple, and hassle-free bill approvals and payments can be with

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Frequently Asked Questions

With over 1,000,000 members paying and receiving payments worth over $23 billion per year, is the leading Business Payments Network.

  • Top U.S. banks like Bank of America and PNC have selected to be the payment platform for serving their business customers.
  • 44 of the top 100 accounting firms in the U.S. are customers.
  • We’ve won 44 major awards for technology leadership and innovation.
  • We’re growing fast – over 100% per year

Founded in 2006, has received more than $80 million in funding, including support from premier financial institutions including Bank of America, American Express and Fifth Third Bank, allowing us to extend our benefits to hundreds of thousands more businesses in the years to come.

Physical Protections

  • Controlled access: our servers are in high-security locked facility with biometric access controls.
  • Guards and video surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Employees must have an ID card, a PIN, and a full hand scan on file in order to enter the facility.
  • All employees go through a background check.

Network Protections

  • Firewalls and intrusion-detection devices prevent unauthorized electronic access to servers.

Data Protections

  • Your data is secured and protected with the same encryption that banks use.
  • We encrypt all sensitive information stored in our database.
  • For quick disaster recovery, your data and documents are stored on redundant servers which immediately make two copies of everything.
  • We also back up the data to separate media and regularly move a copy of the backups to a second secure facility.
  • Privacy: we have worked with TRUSTe to make sure that we also provide industry-leading privacy for your data.

Application Protections

  • When using, each user's access to data and documents is defined by the user roles and permissions you assign them, so employees, accountants and others see only what you want them to see.
  • You, your vendors and your customers never need to share bank account information in order to facilitate payments via
  • Eliminating filing cabinets and paper documents automatically eliminates a major security vulnerability.
  • We employ multi-factor authentication (MFA) to prevent fraudulent access to your account.

Payments Protections

  • Eliminating paper checks eliminates check theft.
  • All payments, whether check or electronic, are made through the account, so your bank account and routing numbers are never exposed.
  • Positive Pay works at the bank level to assure that altered checks will not be paid.

Process Protections

  • Regular completion of a SOC 1, Type 2 Audit (formerly known as a SAS 70, Type 2) by a leading national CPA Firm.
  • Verisign Secured website and application.
  • All funds are FDIC insured. saves you money two ways.

First, our low fees save you money compared with the hidden costs of the manual, paper-based processes you’ve been using until now. But those savings may be small compared with the tremendous value of the time you can save. Remember, with you can eliminate:

  • all the paperwork and filing
  • all the searching for missing documents
  • all the chasing after approvers
  • all the time spent signing checks
  • all the time lost when approvers are out of the office
  • all the time lost when the check signer is out of the office
  • all the time spent printing and mailing checks
  • all the time spent looking up information for vendors
  • and so much more

Won’t you get far more value from the same time and money when you can invest them in ways that serve your customers and actually help build your business?

Awards has been recognized for our innovation and technology leadership over 40 times.


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