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Consultance Accounting Standardizes AP, Reengineers AR and Converts Portfolio to BILL

Orin Schepps, CEO of Consultance Accounting Services, shares how BILL has helped the firm standardize processes and open new revenue opportunities.
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Tell us about your firm and what makes you unique.

We’ve been a cloud-based accounting services firm from day one. We provide streamlined, efficient workflows that deliver real-time financial data and KPIs to help clients make the best business decisions.

How do you use BILL?

With BILL as our core AP processing app, we’ve standardized the way we process vendor payments across our portfolio of clients. We’ve converted a large number of payments from paper checks to ePayments, allowing our clients to pay vendors 2-3 times faster and to cut transaction costs by two-thirds.

We have also streamlined invoicing and virtually eliminated AR with BILL. We set up recurring invoices on BILL. Then we use it to set up bank payments with our clients and integrate it with QuickBooks Online. BILL processes payments automatically on the first of the month. All we need do for AR now is quickly review the invoices, edit if necessary, and hit send.

What’s your BILL ROI?

We converted our entire portfolio to BILL. It’s part of our core offering. BILL will help us generate more revenue moving forward as we are now providing a better client experience and more value. We will be targeting larger organizations for full-service AP and AR services.

BILL has helped the firm standardize AP across all clients and reengineer invoicing and AR. We’ve eliminated collections of past due receivables. Everyone follows the same procedure and each staff member is certified on BILL. We are 100% committed to leveraging all of the functionality of BILL, improving our clients’ workflows, and enhancing our customers’ experiences.

What tips would you give other firms who want to improve?

Know BILL. Get certified and help your staff build its BILL expertise.

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